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Good evening and Happy Earth Day fellow deviants! :)
I am extremely happy to be able to say that I am in yet another addition from Surreal Beauty Magazine! This publication actually happened in the same month (last month) as did my first ever publication and exclusive feature in Surreal Beauty's Heart of the Flower edition, but I was only notified until recently (people need to work on their communication issues, lol)

This newest edition I am in is called Spotlight! It is an issue focused on beauty head shots and can be purchased here (digital or hard copy):…

And if you still have not picked up the former edition I was published/featured in, that can be purchased here! This edition was focused on floral artwork:…

Oh, and in that same time frame I was also featured on  Dark Beauty Magazine's online "magazine"/page :) That photo can be seen in my "Gallery" under the folder "Publications". It may not be as cool as getting into their hard copy magazine (which is fucking hard as hell, I hear), but it is still an incredible honor and I hope to be featured on their page again soon! 

All in all, I had a damn good month last month. This month I have even started beginning to organize (and understand) prints in order to start personally selling to all you lovely people :) stay tuned for that.
Thank you all so much for supporting me in my artwork and dreams. If you have no already and wish to follow me further, here are my other pages:

And let us not forget the amazing photographer who got me published all three times listed above!:
David Hobbs Photography

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your morning or evening, where ever you are! Namaste! 
Thank you <3
Namaste, friends! Surreal Beauty Mag!
I am incredibly happy to be able to announce that in as short a time as seven months professionally modeling, I have finally/already made it into an amazing magazine (SURREAL BEAUTY MAGAZINE)! Not only did this magazine publish me, but they gave me an exclusive feature! I got to answer some personal questions about my artistic background, so this is a good chance to learn more about me if you have been curious!
I am incredibly honored and know that this is only the beginning, much more is soon to come.

You can check out Surreal Beauty Magazine on FaceBook:…

And if you are interested in checking out this magazine more in depth (you definitely should), then you can purchase the edition I was published/featured in, here:
Heart of the Flower…

The magazine is run by some amazing people and all the photos submitted have real artistic talent. It is definitely worth the money! 

And lastly, thank you all so much for supporting me. I know this specific DeviantArt account is new, I have been here before and I have come so far from where I was once.
Thank you, and I hope you all have an amazing day or night!

Jenovax Lilith