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Appeasement by dashakern
Blue tit by PaulaDarwinkel
Granville Vt Moss Glenn Falls 2008-04-27-036rsm by AlanAtwood
A-3460 by effjot
Many nights by AkihiroPhotography
Nights by AkihiroPhotography
Tunnel vision by siamesesam
Hypnotic III by Mrs-White
Digital Art
Hannibal - S1 by ConMenn
Mystic Forest ... by marijeberting
Harvey Nichols by Clangston
Sadness (commission) by D4RI4ELECTR4
Traditional Art
[Watercolor] Sunrise by bsshka
Falcon Sketch by Skia
Constant by ashpwright
Book Trails Series by dmorehead
Photography Black White
Just  Open The Windows by scheinbar
Vic... by iangrahamimages

Mature Content

Crate Expectations...  Vic #1 by iangrahamimages
Without darkness there is no light by petronellavanree
Photography Colour
Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay: Walk Tall in the Night by KatinkaCosplay

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Joy and Zoi: The celebration of Eve by JeremyHowitt
DMP18 by DaMarkPhotography
At the edge of a new era by Dystopia-Maxima
Naturscapes and cityscapes
Walking the Moon by AnaPisek
salty waves by Saltybluewaves
A wild wind blowing. by LawrenceCornellPhoto
Evening Run by Pajunen
There's A Lot Of Things If I Could I'd Rearrange by Mouselemur
Azimut by tanikel
Cat by Pajunen
Sabellaria alveolata.. macro by GeaAusten
Three Sisters by Metal-Bender
Floraison by DavidMnr
Art of Losing by Yuukon
Right to the heart of it by Arte-de-Junqueiro
pisz by bebe38
Life in Shadow by xbastex
Lisbon  221 by JACAC
Lisbon 211 by JACAC
Frankfurt contrasts by vw1956
Questions Asked in the Wrong Way by AmericanDreaming
Images with a message
This Year Only Light Matters by sesam-is-open
Check It (U Re many INside): Art For March 2k21Bonjour mes chères amies et mes chers amisAujourd'hui nous allons passer un petit moment ensembleOk ^^Hello my dear friends !A good morning or afternoonI REALLY hope that everyone is fine and safeOne fokin' year of #COVID,I wish that we will be able to be "normal" ^^I'm jokin' : no one is "norma" cos "norms" suckFor the moment we're more,Than,Ok...Back at this journal should be ^^,SO : Good morning / afternoon / night dear Watchers / Followers / Master Jedi(s) or Padawan(s)Hi VisitorYes YOU ,Are you ready for this new and unique #ARTistic #Selection with kickass ART ?!,Let's go !,For this selection : Disco's Mood with cool BPM and #LOVE,,,Music first with AAF "Everything She Wants" (Wham!),Some of YOU participated at #DATutorialEye,#Eye like Window,Open Your Eyes and the third eye,,,,,,,Now it's time,,,Depeche Mode "it's no good",Ready for the visual trip ^^,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Royal Blood "Limbo",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A little bit of DARKNESSOk... The Darkness with "Rock and Roll Deserves to Die" (and they are playing polka of course),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Mr Bungle "The Air-Conditionned Nightmare",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,The Armed "An Iteration",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I really hope that you enjoy / enjoyed this little selection Don't "watch" / "follow" me for being inside this kind of selection : just upload your work with Love and HEARTI don't care if you got many or few followersI don't care if you're there for one day or many yearsIt's a question of FEELINGS not SKILLS ,Even if you think that it'sn't great / "cool" : if one person loves your piece, fav' / comment it / share it / buy it THAT's just FUNTASTIC 'cos,Now...These pieces are just from incredible artists (maybe YOU are one of them)They need youFav'Support'Comment'Share'Buy'Spread ARTJust one unique and sublime piece for the endTake careStay safeHave fun and keep the smileBe proud of yourself ,
Heading out by NativeStew
Expressions Of Solitude
Heading Home by donchild

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Dear Friends and Watchers

We would like remind everyone this Group is for watchers only

There are 4 staff members who continually request art and do NOT add our own.

Yes, these are OUR requests but we think there are much high quality art from a large variety of genres, which will appeal to all.

We would love to see more watchers and hopefully your wonderful images get more Fav's/comments/critiques.

One day we are HOPING to have our own Facebook page. IF anyonecould help us with this please let us know.

:iconjennystokes: :iconinayatshah: :iconberlin-steglitz: :iconpoetrymann:

I think that one of the best features and most under used is the "Journal Feature", It can have many uses ranging from a themed expression of one's own art to expressing a point of view or thought to showcasing other peoples art, to highlight nuggets of artistic talent that may otherwise be lost in the massive influx of submissions on Deviantart.
These people perform an essential function that makes Deviant Art the vibrant global community for artists and art lovers alike.
We @JennyStokes-Favs thought that we would do a series of journals on these beautiful and selfless members of the DA Community. The First Journal Writers Feature is focused on Teresa better known as @Tigles1Artistry .

@Tigles1Artistry (Teresa As An Artist)

Heartbeat Of The World
In The Light ....
Teresa was born in Portugal of Portuguese/Spanish parents. Although her main professional areas were Commercial Aviation and Tourism, Art was always present in her life in some form or other.
Announcing Spring....
Summer Mist.....
Lisbon Weather Last Nite...
Painting Spring...
Teresa did Classical Ballet for 17 years and dancing, classical or other has always been in her veins. Photography came later on in life as an active interest, after she retired, and had more time available.
Morning Walk ....
Evening Walk....
Storm..... Incoming....
Have A Great Week End...
About 10 years ago she came across DA and started getting new ideas and learning more about photography. While on DA, discovered Journals as a great feature to have available, since, by reading and viewing them, she was able to discover new Artists and new ideas which is what led her to start also producing them. And therefore she believes they were and are of help to the whole community.
Windmills Of Your Mind....
Pink Garden....
Autumn Announced...
Dare be Different...
Flowers by my Window
Teresa takes several hours to collect the relevant works for a particular Journal... it is not possible to say how long, as she normally collect works over a period of 4 to 5 days. Normally she do not obey a particular theme, unless it is a competition... she just pick the works that mean something to her personally.
Since the advent of Eclipse, making a Journal is really not nice at all.... the works chosen, unless I display them in full format, are displayed now in a "grid" type of format that does not allow me to increase or decrease their size, as I used to on old DA. Often, you cannot even see the main parts of those works once they are published ... really not nice at all...
BUT... She enjoys producing them and carries on the best way she can...


Artworks Chosen By Teresa @Tigles1Artistry
Beautiful Night III
When You Are Free
Melody of Loneliness
What ''Philup'' see a-gawn to work of a mornen...
Modest November Morning
What remains
Moon Dancer
consilio magnam
Red Window
Feral Friends
A Place in Space
Wood Nymph (another edition)
Ukulele for you my friends (3d model) .
What a wonderful world
Venice Italy 78
Old Shop
Rusty Cage
Choose your battles...and win serenity
sacred journey
I Don't Care The Crowd
The Sea Inside of me
The Piano
Going up ...
Blind Justice
Bird Of Prey - Black Kite
Left high and dry
Harmaa kosketus
Cachoeira de Paulo Afonso.IR
The Camera As Artist
Red house and snow
Nefertiti loves golden flowers ...
surprising China - the pine at the Yellow mountain
once upon a time.....
Lady with owl
Still Life3
Postcard From Venice
Who You Calling Barney!?!
 Dsc0018 (8)
Stunning Sunrise 3
sun drops
Angel of Music
Venetian Fortress of Koules HDR I
Teresa's Message : As the world is today..... I would say to people in general ...

Those who understand others are clever, those who understand themselves are wise.<Tao Te Ching>

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