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I chose this image for :jennystokes-favs: because. It's simple thoughtful and acknowledges that Winter is long and loney for people in ...


This shot 'touched' me. How does all this fit together? As one gets older and without money or eyeglasses: first one sees waste/then if...


SO sad I have not had time to 'really' be here on d/a BUT I haven't forgotten you all and trying to keep up.

Making a book at present which is using up so many hours/maybe because I an a perfectionist!

LOVE you all............and thank you for so many Favs's.

:peace: :love:
I live in Beaucaire a small Town in S. France

IF you people would care to come here YOU may learn something?
We are an International (Medieval ) Town on the Rhone for rich merchants non-stop Fairs.........all Country's!
Because we have an ancient  Roman'boat dock' we are International.

When the FN (Right Wing) Political party came into 'power'
they 'promised' NO bullfighting/more trees/greening of this Town............instead OUR Mayor hes set out to destroy our heritage. He has purchased property outside our town...........completely disregarding the history here. While in the US I visited beautiful towns with beautiful architecture/all falling to pieces because people were 'scared' of coloured people moving in! NON-stop suburbssssss!  Hope you all feel safe ...........when the revolution comes.....NO gates/walls/cops can keep people out. EVERY revolution has started when the poor people have no bread/rice etc.

What do we have:
1. My/our Moroccan friends who work harder than the average WHITE French person. (10:am -12:00pm) cannot buy anything (they lease property) although they work hard AND  are entitled by French Law to invest. OUR Town Hall (right wing Mayor) is buying many buildings so that coloured people cannot buy?
Is this OK?
2: We are a Town DIVIDED!
3. IF we cannot come together..............I say SCREW you
ignorant/ill-educated people.

RELIGION: Unlike what is 'said to be' in the USA: we do have separation of religion. When I look at mostly Republican Sentors/Congressman.......................RELIGIOUS BIGOTS. Look far enough and you will always find: extra-marital affairs/homosexuality/paedophilia. WHICH senator/congressman/republican is "snow white?"

HUMAN beings are complex...............LIVE with this!

I say this with :peace: in my :heart: and :love: for all races.
I am old enough to NOT care what people  say about me because I am writing for you ..........yes YOU who will  inherit an earth which is dying............YOU may think I am mad BUT if you have travelled as much as I have done and see so many 'species' become EXTINCT...........when do human-beings stop.                                                                ALL people think we have bigger brains than animals......this may be true BUT what have we forgotten?????????????? Instinct??????Caring???????????????


This is so long that I doubt MANY people will read it.
THIS is very......very interesting!

INTERESTING.....................only one person responded to this POST?

Who  (I ask myself) is NOT an immigrant in the US. As far as Europe is concerned we have always moved around.
Just because your famiily came years ago (for a better life) does this give anyone the right to deny others the same?

I was a 'quasi' immigrant in the colonial era and I DISLIKED the way coloured people were barred from entering SL.

IF 'white' people are so scared now they should be!!!! You are in a minority.

Our Town in France is predominently 'magrebine' (arab people) who were allowed to come to work in the fields because white people wouldn't do this.  Everyday I talk to our tourists here which we have a LOT of from all over the globe.
Each one of these persons are friendly/thoughtful/considerate and willing to learn.

What I perceive is:
Politicians want the dissembling of race this is how they come to power.
I have absolutely NO problem with any person as long as they are kind.

The USA is a 'melting pot' which I have always considered wonderful.

ONE earth one people!
:peace: :love:
Have been doing a series of images on the plight of refugees.
I feel that SO many questions are not being answered:

1. After the 'camps' and in the 'camps' what sort of individuals are we creating for the future?
2. Why is it that people seem to exclude any dialogue as to how we can accomodate them. There are so many abandoned buildings/farms etc I see on my travels. Instead it seems mostly every country in the World is saying we can't help them?  Yes we can and we should and then too the fearmongering which has become out of control.
3. A lot of us go to other country's to find work or just to live and we are not immigrants. Here I speak of mainly white people or people with some sort of credentials.
4. Why do we not teach these people trades: we have a shortage of plumbers/electricians and farm workers etc.
5. Maybe I am being naive but there has to be a solution. Pushing all this into a corner is not the answer.
I would be interested to hear from people with intelligent answers.


Just got back from Italy. NO
problem for me with the language mostly because I learned Latin in school.
Northern Italy: language is so clipped (not different from northern Towns/City's all over the world).
Southerners: the vowels are LONGER.
Any person who understands this is because 'laziness/sun happens!'
In France where we live now..........language becomes voluptious. Vowels are elongated.
We stress vowels BUT 'provencal' language is very different. Pain(bread) becomes Pa......ING!
Demain matain...........dema(ing meta(ing)!
Stress at the end of the 'ing!.'
Several notes:

1. Why is it that we have had NO notifications from d/a as to what is going to happen since the 'take-over?'
2. Why is it that this site is 'dying' slowly.

Most of the time I am now on 500px.
I have been on 'on-line discussions' with 500px AND been contacted by 'phone from Toronto by Staff.  They are trying to come up with new ideas regarding new Groups and how to make this EXCELLENT site more 'user' friendly.
WHY can d/a NOT do the same?

I spend less and less time here because a lot of 'art' is totally uninteresting. I am sorry but this is true. Lack of focus/scribbled quick drawings/photmanip/............!
I would like to see more 'conceptual art?

Yes I am here ONLY because I have so many really good friends and will not leave because of them......some of you I have known for years and I appreciate your art/friendship and love.

:heart: :love: :peace:


jennystokes has started a donation pool!
11,787 / 100,000,000
For the 1st time since I have been here, I am setting this Donation Pool:
IF anyone wants to Donate to: JennyStokes-Fav's

or to me......which will only be for helping other Artists, please do so.
Please note me, which place you want your Donation to go to.
Thank you

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To everyone who has given me LLamas, thank you all SO much.
I am very grateful.


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