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Urban Legends, Global Warming, Mysteries, Miracles
Urban Legends, Global Warming, Mysteries, Miracles, the Voynich Manuscript, and the Ironic Dark Legacy of the Gestapos of Truth.
June 10, 2014 at 9:14pm
A commentary by Arty Abrams.
I have in one way or another obsessed about this Voynich manuscript ever since a joke was played on me many years ago. I good friend of mine brought me a few pages of nice color close ups of pictures of several of the plants in the Voynich manuscript.
I had no idea where the pictures that he brought me had originated. He just wanted me to identify the plants. I was sorely embarrassed that out of numerous pictures I could not name, or identify a single plant. I was feeling very low, and he meticulously encouraged my self-loathing by ragging me mercilessly about my lack of botanical knowledge and ability. I had come up empty handed in reference to the very field that was my specialty.
Then, after his gag was well mileaged, he let on to the fact that no one in the known world knew the names or origin of those
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The shading is perhaps a bit predictable. Perhaps a bit more or less for added shock value and a bit of pop ? I love the choice of eye ...


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I am a Right Wing nut with a camera and photo shop

Urban Legends, Global Warming, Mysteries, Miracles, the Voynich Manuscript, and the Ironic Dark Legacy of the Gestapos of Truth.

June 10, 2014 at 9:14pm

A commentary by Arty Abrams.

I have in one way or another obsessed about this Voynich manuscript ever since a joke was played on me many years ago. I good friend of mine brought me a few pages of nice color close ups of pictures of several of the plants in the Voynich manuscript. 

I had no idea where the pictures that he brought me had originated. He just wanted me to identify the plants. I was sorely embarrassed that out of numerous pictures I could not name, or identify a single plant. I was feeling very low, and he meticulously encouraged my self-loathing by ragging me mercilessly about my lack of botanical knowledge and ability. I had come up empty handed in reference to the very field that was my specialty. 

Then, after his gag was well mileaged, he let on to the fact that no one in the known world knew the names or origin of those plants. Say what? He explained to me that the pictures were copied out of the enigmatic Voynich Manuscript. So my lack of knowledge about the plants was vindicated as actually being …knowledgeable …or an unavoidable ignorance. 

Although I was a little irritated, I was nonetheless intrigued. His prank, that had introduced me to the Voynich manuscript, set me off on a quest of curiosity, that lead to years of studying not only the pictures, but also the text of the mysterious book. I am now convinced for various particular reasons, that it is NOT a hoax. I have a definite theory about its origins, based on years of research that I have done. 

The difference between my approach and that of so many others who have studied the Voynich manuscript into the wee hours of many a night, is …that I never initially presumed it to be a hoax …or to be genuine. I accepted it only as a mystery. For you fans of Sherlock Holmes, everyone else was looking at the obvious footprints, I instead, wanted to focus on the dog that did not bark. 

But in this day and age, most intellectuals …or people who associate closely with academia find great acceptance, in enunciating first off, that anything they cannot find an explanation for on Google, or that defies accepted current theory, or is present in the absence of anything similar …is just obviously a hoax. They then go about trying to prove it is a hoax. They will always say with a dismissive smirk that if they find out along the way that something is not a hoax...then they will be “pleasantly surprised.”

Well, not really. Claims that people make that they will be “Pleasantly surprised’ if their dismissal of something as a fake is in time disproven …is usually an insincere clichéd catch phrase of a disclaimer at best. In fact, there is overwhelming proof, in almost every field of scientific research that shows that the opposite actually occurs. 

We are now aware that there have been many great discoveries that have been hidden, erased, or purposefully kept silent, simply because the ones who discovered, deciphered, photographed, or witnessed something did not want to face the derision of their peers, or of the public at large …for to have announced their findings would have been to break camp with popular thought. 

Breaking with popular thought has become a strictly policed no-no. Try voicing any opposition to the THEORY of Global Warming and you are immediately insulted, derided, and dismissed as someone who has just not seen the intellectual light. Facts do not matter in this argument one bit, simply because, the Theory of Global Warming, just as the THEORY of Evolution, is not, nor was ever …based on fact. They are both based on theories; theories that, if believed, have to rely heavily on the dismissal of any evidence to the contrary. 

In the case of Global Warming, facts and reports were cherry picked to support a modern political agenda. Facts were molded, or excluded altogether, to form a crafted message. Anyone who dissents is considered a loon. Global Warming was never a debate, it was sold up-front as all fact, and anyone who objects, even with hard scientific data, is labeled as some poor sap that is somehow less informed, or less intelligent. 

This new militant mix of political agenda that encourages conformity as a form of personal faith is not new. It was dangerous in the past and it is dangerous now. It does not encourage truth, not one bit; instead it is the secular religion of suppression, a religion practiced and witnessed in real time as conformity to government funded, and perpetrated theorems of thought. 

In this so called grand age of information, we are in fact witnessing legendary efforts to mold, manipulate, and suppress anything that does not fit into finely crafted political agendas. Truth has fallen captive to the predispositions of those purposefully and unwaveringly manipulating information. As a result, great minds with great contributions that could be made to the many fields, instead sit silent, often afraid that someone will find out what they have discovered, know, or believe. 

See how long you will last as an airline pilot if you say you have seen a UFO. But look at the hordes of retired airline pilots who have come forward in retirement to say that they have. The answer to the “why now” question is always the same…..”I was afraid if I spoke out I would lose my job.” 

Honesty is not rewarded; conformity is rewarded. Honesty is punished. Progressivism has become a new upper crust form of repression. Even if you know a great truth, if that truth does not conform to what the herd is currently eating, then the “smart” shut up and do not speak or write about it. Not opposing the regime has become synonymous with being intelligent; translated: only the truly ignorant would be so stupid as to argue. 

Why? Simply because the minds of individuals in our current society, especially in the perverted logic of the resurgent Mau intellectuals, (which I should point out that the term “Mau intellectuals” is in itself a repugnant contradiction of terms …in relation to sanity, actual history …or logic itself) need to be molded and …morphed into a herd mentality where collective thought is considered “right thinking.” 

In fact, collective thought is not “right thinking” it is indeed, OLD thinking; it is the sociological base for totalitarianism, communism, and leads over time to a lack of intellectualism rather than a proliferation of it. An idea outside of accepted conformed thought, by its nature, does not have the stamp of approval on it, and is very frowned upon. 

Wandering off and not eating from the bale that everyone else is feeding on is scrutinized and monitored, because “normal people” do not think, watch, listen, read, or believe such things. I have noticed though that whenever you walk up to about 15 cows happily feeding on a round bale, all you see is a circle of mindless asses …literally. So think on that….

The ever increasing proclivity, to dismiss anything that cannot be explained as being either an “urban legend” or…as merely being a hoax, or an “obvious” fraud …is a not a sign of a new and emerging pinnacle of superiority in the human existence. It is instead a sad, pathetic example of an emerging world society where wonder has been replaced by ‘realism” or a new reality verified by self-appointed “intellectuals” …who wrap themselves in the flag of collectivism. 

This bland socialist model of thought has become the new and improved state sanctioned God-form that we are to live by. To even express opposition to the accepted thought of the times, or to behold in absolute wonder anything that even hints of a supernatural realm is to self-label yourself as being one of the lunatics who gladly stands on the fringe. The herd masters are happy to allow it on occasion, if for no other reason, as to allow independent thinkers to easily be seen, so that they can serve as a glaring identifiable object of mockery.

The Herd mentality has assumed the crown, dissenters who do not bow and worship are written off as fruit-cakes and wackos. This insistence towards conformity is being taken to such a point of obsession that it makes being someone who has seen a UFO, or who does not for one minute believe in Global Warming, or who vehemently disagrees with agenda driven government policy being shoved down our throats, feel as out of place speaking out in America today as Jews in Germany did in the middle to late thirties, when Nazism was just learning to walk. 

Now the ever present warning is …”be careful they may be listening to what you say …or reading what you write.” And according to information that we are getting in each day’s news reports that assumptive warning is correct. But amazingly, if not logically, that information came from someone who had to defect just to tell us how bad it really is. He did not feel safe speaking out in America. But I am of the belief that what is worse than them listening to us, is us having to listen to the lies they are telling us daily. Our colleges, and our pathetically lame media are constantly spewing out distorted re-edited politically correct versions of history. 

For instance, how many of you are aware that Einstein, a German Jew who defected to America during the early years of Nazism went into trances and claimed to receive much of his amazing information from a Spirit guide? Not too well known is it? But the books that he read on that subject and his beliefs on that, and they affects they had on him are never spoken of. That is because Einstein was a serious thinker and he can’t be associated with all of the crazies who believe in such things. So we just snip and cut until we get a version of him that works. Truth becomes and edited illusion that is a result of what someone else wants us to believe. 

In the case of Einstein, it is because the Icon of the scientific community, a largely atheistic non-spiritual lot, cannot allow the poster boy of all things associated with advanced physics to also be associated with any out-of-vogue type of Spiritualism. So we have a finely crafted image of the man, with the stamp of the politically correct, non-offensive seal of approval, we just do not have an accurate image of him. 

These days, I am not honestly sure if Einstein would feel the need to defect to America as he did in the thirties, or flee from it as Snowden did. This country, especially under the dishonest Socialist Liberalism of Barack Obama has become a place where the smart keep silent …or just conform. America has become a place that “used to be” this, or “used to be” that …and more so under this destructive President. And that is not a criticism that is based on radical right wing thought. 

One of the most insightful documentaries that I have ever seen was done by Racheal Maddow who has a program on MSNBC. It was on the lies that were told by the Bush Administration to the American people that were used to manipulate us into going to war. Her facts were solid, and sadly that war resulted in many maimed and dead young Americans. But many conservatives would not watch her documentary and criticized it even before it aired, in most cases simply because of the presenter. To have been a conservative and watched that program would have been non-conformist. Radical conservative conformism is just as dangerous as progressive liberal conformism. 

So let me make it clear that I am against ANY side that manipulates facts, or just creates them out of hand, for the sole purpose of pushing an agenda. I do not like when Republicans do it, or when Democrats do it. But that said, conformity, as an informed intellectual choice, is a repulsive doctrine that has risen to new heights in the last six years, and is nothing more than one side arrogantly believing that they are, in fact correct, and that everyone who disagrees is not only wrong, but UN-intelligent. Former President Bush was relentlessly labeled, especially by the smirky, snarling crowd at MSNBC, as an idiot, as a very unintelligent man. I have to ask six years later …is Barack Hussein Obama what I am supposed to believe is a grand and glaring example of intelligence? 

Beyond doubt, something chilling has begun to happen lately, these days, the scales are dangerously off; the pitch is querred as Fredrick Forsythe said in The Day of the Jackal. But, whereas before we would have sought to correct such aberrations, these days we are instructed that perceiving what we are being told as being out of tune …is in fact, the result of listening to something the wrong way. We are not being lied to; we are just not smart enough to understand the deeper truth. We perceive lies as being lies because we are stupid, not because they are not the truth. That is the new reality. 

I am all for both sides having their say, but under Barack Obama, people have become afraid to speak out in America to a degree that I have never before witnessed. We have crossed dangerously over into a land where skepticism and mockery is less and less displayed against those lying to us, and more and more levied against the “unenlightened” who do not blindly believe the lies. Joseph Goebbels would have made a jam up Presidential Press Secretary in these days and times. 

This new progressive Liberalism that demands the acceptance of the ridiculous, that perpetrates the mockery of the proven, that insists that the scientifically theoretical become grounds for radical imperialistically mandated legislation, and preaches at an educational level the discouragement of the wondrous …and the acceptance of the bland, is reminding me more and more of the imperialistic detachments from reality that are seen ironically, with equal regularity, in established Banana Republics and in emerging, soon to be oppressive, Socialist regimes. 

I find all of that disturbing. And what I do find particularly and personally irritating are what I call the self-appointed “truth Gestapos.” They are an arrogant lot. They are the Urban Legend crowd, the Skeptics magazine subscribers, the mockers, the ones who basically believe that anything amazing, miraculous, unexplained, supernatural, paranormal or inexplicable in nature is a hoax, a fraud, or a belief only held dear by toothless rednecks who brew moonshine in old toilets on the back porch of their mobile homes. 

Of course such derision is never reserved for anyone who believes or perpetrates any number of the ridiculous theorems or proven lies that they pedal on the rest of us as truth. That is because in those cases they are often pulling for urban legends to become US policy. The urban legendnairs with bent rulers in hand ready to crack the knuckles of all of us illiterate retards are hypocrites of the highest order. 

They do not for one minute have a love affair with the truth. They have an arrogant need to suppress anyone who thinks differently than they do as being uninformed, ignorant, or not in the progressive know. We are supposed to lie down and take it. But if you criticize them the same way, you learn not to twice, as they take is as a form of blasphemy, they squeal in disbelief, and basically never shut up. Independent, non-conformist thought has, in their opinion become the mindset of nincompoops who do not understand the glories of collectivism and the good ole’ days of Chairman Mau. 

In any field of study, hoaxes and pranksters do exist. Healthy skepticism does have its place. Propaganda, especially political, cannot be allowed to be dressed as the truth and courted. But skepticism, and disapproval of non-conformative thought, that is deceptively dressed in the self-righteous robe of the truth police, to encourage conformity as a way of life, is clearly out of place. Suppression …subtle or overt is used as part of a political agenda to force others to come into line and is nothing more than early cancer cells in the body of society. 

The problem with so many modern day skeptics, even of course non-political ones, when evaluating the paranormal, the miraculous, world mysteries, UFO’s, or items such as the Voynich Manuscript …is that they are on a mission to PROVE that their initial foundational belief is correct, which is in effect, that there is nothing extraordinary about ...anything. 

Skepticism to them is not a search for the truth, but a predisposed mission creed that they live by to shoot down anything that is out of the ordinary perimeters of their limited bland existence or narrow minded beliefs. Science becomes God, and anything that Science cannot prove is dismissed. That belief alone shows that they have a base foundational ignorance of the history of science. 

Because of the wonder of this technological age that we live in ....we have largely quit wondering about anything that technology or the facilitators of it cannot immediately prove. It is an unfortunate irony. It is almost and irony within an irony. We are becoming as a society, in essence, a world of smug, arrogant, pseudo intellectuals with over inflated egos. We know more than ever and believe less about everything. 

The Bible referred to the highly intellectual crowd as fools. Intellectualism leading to stupidity is actually spoken of in the Bible in several locations; it is nothing new ...such as in Romans 1:22 …“Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools.” Really not much has changed since then; I just think it has just gotten worse. These days the scripture would say: “Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools on the Net, claiming that any works beyond their understanding was an Urban Legend.” 

Do not get me wrong, I am not against education. I have paid my dues in that realm. I have a B.A., from USC. Some think that my derision of academia is because of a lack of education. That assumption is not correct. I graduated. My astonishment was in the dishonesty of much of what I was taught. I was educated largely by people with Ph.D.’s who taught facts wrapped around agendas rather than complete pictures of reality. 

I think that intellectual …institutionalized dishonesty has to be held in even greater contempt than any other type. It is one thing to say something incorrectly out of ignorance. It is quite another to teach it as part of an agenda, and claim that your intellectual superiority, or your presumption of it, gives you the right to peddle it. They often mock faith, or idealism of any sort or type, and grossly misrepresent facts. 

I infuriated a religion Professor, at USC who was speaking of the “Christ Myth.” She made the comment that she would believe in Christ only if she saw him and spoke to her personally. I pointed out to her the story in the Bible that speaks of a conversation between the Apostle Thomas and the resurrected Jesus Christ. In essence, Thomas said, “show me the proof.” Jesus obliged and showed him the scars of his hands from his recent crucifixion. Thomas, seeing the proof was jubilant and said, in essence, …wow, now I believe. 

Jesus was not equally impressed with Thomas, the man who should be the icon of inspiration for the Urban Legends website or for Skeptics magazine. Jesus nicely shredded Thomas verbally by saying something to the effect of...."There are many who have not seen my scars and they believe; THEY have faith. You have seen them and NOW you say YOU believe. THEY are blessed; YOU are just a doubt filled cynical boob!" (Modern Arty Translation 2014).

We have in this life and society ...even in this world society, now achieved a peculiar circular state of irony. If we are told of, or given any example of the supernatural, or of the amazing, or even of a manuscript that is of no known origin or language, we dismiss it openly and say ..."Well......if I cannot see it or something else just like it, or if Science cannot explain it, or prove it, then I certainly do not believe it." And yet, it is because of that.........because of THAT very popular current mindset.......that if one of those people actually DO see a UFO, or have some inexplicable experience, or make some amazing discovery, they case after case …remain SILENT.

They purposefully will not say anything ...they fight to keep the very thing that proves their earlier cynicism was incorrect …a secret. Why? The simple reason is because cynicism …is the new world religion of modern Science and Academia. Cynicism is chic. God or anything that cannot be explained has not just been told to sit in the back seat….but to ride in the trunk and keep quiet …or else! Being a dismissive smirking smart-ass will give you cheers from the masses. Believing or proving something amazing gets you rolled eyes and labeled as a quack.

So if you do not have proof you …will not believe. And if you do have proof, and believe, you will surely not tell because you are aware that you will be labeled as a nut for believing. Labeled by all of the far superior cynics who know what is “normal” …or what “an obvious hoax” something is, ---even if you have proof that it is not. 

You are not allowed to speak out. You are not allowed to show a photograph because it is a program, or a product of the dreaded Photo-Shop. Everything is a reflection, a weather balloon, a weed, a fake, a forgery …nothing is real …except that nothing is real. So why even bother to show a film, or photo, or claim something the existence of something that “all normal people” know does not exist …even if you have proof that it …inconveniently does. 

I sent off my theory about the Voynich manuscript to a prominent expert, and amazingly enough that expert that I sent it too, told me that he completely agreed with what I said, and felt that I was indeed correct. At first I was jubilant.

But, he went on to say that we could not speak of it, not at this time at least. Not in this era. He told me that “The element of cautionary prohibition here is that simply put, the truth that we are aware of is not the right truth for now, truth is a subjective reality, and being on the wrong side of that can be dangerous. You have discovered the wrong truth.” 

So the person with the photograph, the amazing breakthrough, the deciphered code, the missing piece of evidence keeps quiet. It is the world we have created. Such is the very reason why the Babushka lady has never been found or heard from. Her film of reality did not fit into the mold of what was to be fashioned as the “right truth” for the masses …and that is a bloody shame for sure. 

But the alternative to being silent …is speaking out what you know is real, correct, or truthful. And all to often …that alternative results in various forms of being lynched by the judgmental fanatics who practice collectivism as a religion on the church of the Net. And unfortunately that rotten truth is not an Urban Legend.

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