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Photostudy 2

another photostudy ^~^

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jesus christ! fantastic! i should try stupid digital art as well i guess..

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Nothing to be embarrassed of. I like this one very much.
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This is so beautiful! I'm in love with her eyes~
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thank you ^_^
Happy Holidays!
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Happy holidays to you as well! \^O^/
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thank you :3:3
Happy Holidays! ^_^
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you're welcome ^^
Happy new year!
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It's so beautiful 😍
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thank you! :D
and Happy Holidays!! ^O^
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As time went on they saw each other less and less the only time they had together was when he was drawing. He always used her for his art and after words they will talk and such but it hurt her that he would leave and meet some other woman. She never felt this way before. What made him famous was an piece that she was smiling in and he went viral. "hey" she looks at him wondering whats going on. "I have a meeting with a manager and I want you to come along". She nods "of course". The day of the meeting she was walking around looking for him then she noticed him with what looks like could be his manager. She walks over to say hi and sits next to him. The manager looks at her and smiles "you must be the model" She nods then they go back to talking together. He suddenly stands up "Want anything" he looks around the table and finally his eyes lands on her. She shook her head "no" he nods the other two tell him what they want then he leaves. The manager looks at her and smiles "you two must be close" She nods "we are we've known each other a while now" the manager smiles more "but not close enough to be something more" they both laugh. Then the manager looks back at her with a serious face "Im better than you and all you are is a model anyone can replace you" All of a sudden she was about to cry but she stood up and look back at them "and that is why you won't get close to him" she was bluffing right now she didn't know him as well as she used to but she hoped that they didn't get close. Then the unexpected happen two cups where put down and someone grabbed her shoulders. "and you are right" she looks at him and started to smile "we are done here manager" they both stood up and tried to say something but he shook his head "you don't say that to someone close to me" they both froze she turned to leave and heard him say "and she is not replaceable and she will never be" at that she smiled and walked out.
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thanks again for the short stories!! :D:D
Happy holidays!! ^__^
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XD happy holidays!!
and no problem
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Simply Heavenly !
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Happy Holidays!!! ^______^
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wow jenny, I just love your camera ;)
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haha thanks ^__^
Happy Holidays!:D:D
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