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One Punch Man - Genos

My fan art drawing of Genos from the anime One Punch-Man :)
I actually struggled a lot with this drawing, I couldn't get the pose right and his facial expression as well T_T... I honestly really need to start drawing more guys, if you guys have any suggestion feel free to leave a comment below ^_^

Video process of this drawing : here

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That's really dope 🤩

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One of the most beautiful I've ever seen 💖💖💖

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Oh my Boros this is amazing!! I had no idea this one was yours!! I had found it when I Googled “One Punch Man Genoa wallpapers” and this showed up and it was so amazing, I had to use it as my screensaver for my phone! I hope you don’t mind, if you do, I can totally change it! I didn’t edit it or anything I promise! I don’t know how to anyway lol
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I just saw your speed paint of this then looked in the description to see if you had a deviant art page so here i am now... cool.
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Incredible, just INCREDIBLE. Probably the first time I laughed in awe from a tutorial video, in a good way of course!!. When you added those final touches woth the rain effect omg!!!! I was just amazed by what one can possibly achieve through hard work and dedication. I recently got a drawing tablet and hoping to improve my skills overall. If I could favorite a drawing multiple times, this one would achieve infinite likes ^^

Do you take apprentices? hahah jk
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Hi, can i buy this piece somewhere in full size?
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AMAZING!! la in love  It's sooo beautiful!
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OMAHAHSUDM this is an amazing artwork, very weeell!
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Even though you say you struggled getting this right it turned out fantastic, great job. 
GENOS!!! I love this guy.
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Serious amount of detail. Great job!
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He looks so handsome haha
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The detail on this is just amazing!! :heart:
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well done buddy! :D
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After watching the process at yt I ran to fav the result here.
Awesome work!!
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This is a masterpiece! Of all pictures of Genos I saw this is one of my absolute favorite Arts ❤ and I really love the atmosphere with the rain and the little Sparks of Genos' parts and how you colored it is so... So... I'm speechless 😍
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Amazing 💗💗💗
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Screw you! You’re just jealous cause they’re such an amazing artist! And that’s not something to joke about! I’ve known people, been friends with people, who KILLED THEMSELVES, ended their lives! All because sorry miserable low life’s like you can’t keep your trap shut! Now shut up!
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Are you dumb or something?
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