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“8 years without a tagline."
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Super Cyber Uberman 2020 (Kaiser Uber White)


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My Current State Right Now...


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It's mine....


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Sapphirefoxx: Untrusting Fiance


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CM: Bel'Lyees Belly


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anyone wanna draw my oc chey


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Alton Island - Galactica


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Football's Coming Home!


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Other People's OC

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Random Donna Transformations 2

Superhero OCs

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Maya The evil

Supervillian OCs

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Tw Cen MT Error

Templates and Bases

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Azazel's cup of morning coffee

Drawings, paintings and colourings

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bryna protects Krono

Digital artwork

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Shinya Ozeki #24

Anime and Manga

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Katsui Inaru RP Template (Read Description)

Pixel Art

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3D Artwork

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[MMD] Sony PlayStation Portable 3008 [DL]


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Male and Female Figures for SFM Release

Source Filmmaker

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Art vs Artist

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Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist

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Ayleyu My Style Your Style Meme

In Your Style

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Built for a war that never came

Photographs and Screenshots

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Layout 1 Pic 8


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Ashley Graham's Encounter With Flubber (Story)

Stories on DeviantArt

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News about Koizu - currently unavailable

 Hello everyone. This is Saku, Koizu's little sister accessing her account for her. Sadly Koizu has problems in signing in to Deviantart from her end of the line.  She greatly apologies for previous contest winners, she hasn't given proper rewards yet but, she is trying to solver her security problems with deviantart. Koizu is also very busy as well with our co-story: PresIdent RIvals, that you can read here:  (It would mean a lot for the both of us, if you could check out our co-story!! There is a new update today as well!! ) She will be back sometime in the near


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Announcement of Contest winners

Before I do this, I want to say something about this  contest...I felt disapointed with some of you guys.. A few of you told me that you would enter, and even asked me about it. Maybe the people that are seeing this are the people that told me that and they said what they could do.   I have seen many people doing contests, and many people entered...but in my contests, they don't do that...Maybe I will do another contest in the future...if someone would enter of course...or care.... Now the winners 1st place is....!DragurOverlord ( with this  (you have 3 requests) 2nd place is... :iconjennyrichardblakina:  with this  (you have two reque

Contest Journals

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Huehuehue sorry for the delay, im planning on announcing at Christmas lololol Ok so here's the winner 1st Winner Number 94 ~ladypoodle ( 2nd Winner Number 41 :iconCrazypony56: 3rd WinnerNumber 105 :iconThunderRainbowFox: Sorry i cant screenshot the proff my screenshot button is broken rn ;w; CONGRATULATIONS <3333 I will send a note to the winners >< <del> [Closed] will announce the winners in a few days ahahaha, be prepared ~<3 EDIT: hngggg thank you for the 100+, 3rd winners unlocked <3 EDIT: added points prize <3 Oooh my god guys, thank you so much for all the b-day gifts and wishes   and BIG THANK

Raffle Journals

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Contest 500 points giving giveaway

Giveaway Journals

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Clown TF RP

In our local junkyard/trailer park, one thing had always stood out: a trailer, larger than all the others, painted with these gaudy neon colors. On Halloween night, we decided to check it out. Not only was it bigger on the inside, but it was absolutely for a circus show. In fact, while we’re in there, something with us…Changes. We become very much like the circus performers of old. And we feel the need to share this newfound joy with everyone….


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Fight like a girl (tg interactive story) (cyoa)

You've signed up for a fighting competition, the organizers have informed you that there will give you a suitable wardrobe depending on your fighting style. Which fighting style do you have: Wrestling Ninja style! Ninja-dancing style Swords! My fighting style doesn’t matter, i sweat a lot, i would like something that helps me with that problem Actually i don’t like to fight

Chose Your Own Adventure

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Announcing the Summer Of Diving 2020 Art Jam

Art Jams and Collabs

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Commission Journals and Boxes

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Kisekae Requests W. Chris/Christina! (Closed atm)

Request Journals and boxes

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Art Trade Journals and Boxes

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[MMD] Ask #7

Questions and Answers

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oxygen masks v3

Airline Pilots and Staff

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Alex (Updated Ref)

Animals and Anthros

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Ballet - Performance 1


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Belly dancers

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Blueberry and Fruit Inflation

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Miriam and Melody TFs mix 1

Body Inflation

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Bounded and Mummification

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Nerezza vs Christie (A Real Fight)

Boxing and Wrestling

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Raritys Round Expanding Rear

Breast, Belly and Butt Expansion

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