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when you're the artistic kid in class

By JennyJinya
This little comic of mine went completely viral within the last month (9gag, facebook, etc) you might have seen it :)
I thought I'll just upload it here as well :D


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Had a teacher do this but I wasn't the class artist. I was the class artist muscle.
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Oh yeah! I finally found the original comic. :D
JennyJinya's avatar
you did, congrats! :D
TheTEmIeMASTER's avatar
I am the most artistic person in my grade. It scares me.
Me:"...DA F*#$ Y'ALL LOOKIN' AT!?"
ArtDeLaMort's avatar
I really like the way they look back like that
Uranus-seventhsun's avatar
Never had this experience, but all those kids are such users.
thegreatsix's avatar
EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.   (Even though I'm not in school, the moment anytime something creative needs to be done, it's immediately me who's volunteered by my peers.)
JennyJinya's avatar
Glad you can relate haha :D
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so relatable lmao
Not something lewd, right?
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So you're the original owner of this comic! The comic is relatable
JennyJinya's avatar
Yes I am :) Thank you!
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It's funny to find the original ; at first I thought you were posting a random meme along with your drawings. You're very talented
JennyJinya's avatar
Yeah people never try to find out who the original artist is/was ^^; Thank you :hug:
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My childhood X_X.
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Woah, as son the teacher say that 2 guys disappear and everyone are smiling. Pressure is on!
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