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Perkhad Tradeswoman

By Jennyeight
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An illustration of one of my favourite video games: Baten Kaitos.
This game doesn't get as much attention as it derserves. It's quite old by now, but still a very cute and nice game with an interesting storyline, so this is my tribute to it ^^

Oh, by the way, is there someone who owns the second game Baten Kaitos Origins (US version) and wants to sell it?
I'd like to buy it, but they don't sell it in Germany and Amazon kind of hates me, because they won't ship it to Germany...

It shows one of the markets you can buy or sell your items, so nothing really spectacular at all, but I really like the atmosphere of the game and its design, so I decided to paint it and add some of my own ideas to it.
Kept most of the surreal anime style and mixed it with own style.
The game is quite colorful and the style really blurry.
Original character belongs to Namco.

The painting took me about 9 hours all in all, as reference I used the original situation in the game.

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Hope you like this one, please also have a look at my other work:
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My official homepage:
Visit me on facebook:
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Baten Kaitos is one of the best games I've ever played, along with Jet Force Gemini. Both older games, but both ones that have such amazing plots, graphics, and music for their times. The two installments of Baten Kaitos have become my top favorites. <3 I'm glad you posted this illustration. It's been a while since I've played the games, and I do miss it.
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I really loved Baten Kaitos, too. Unfortunately the second game never was released in Germany ):
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So you have never played it?
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No, only the first game :)
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I own origins it's in English though.
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Amazing Art. I really loved the design of this one, and your version is just beautiful =)
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wunderschön *.*
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this is very lovely :D
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Hey jenny! I selected this piece as one of my all time favourite deviations. Here is the feature journal I mention it in =>…
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I feel honored and I'm glad you like my work that much :D
Thank you!
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No problem, you really are a great artist. So just out of pure curiosity. Are you ever going to do Xelha? ;)
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Nah, not at the moment. I'm still trying to get rid of my lovely but fanatic Disney watchers, I'm not sure, if fanatic Baten Kaitos Watchers is much better, haha :D
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Haha, that is true. My fiancée is trying to get rid of her pixel art watchers so I know what you mean. XD
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XD Sounds even worse!
My sympathies to your fiancee, and one advice: She should just go on and do whatever she wants to. It takes some time, but after a while those watchers disappear by themselves :)
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