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I hope you like this painting, as it was so much fun to paint the little details and as I personally really like the result!
Usually I upload those beautiful perfect women at dA, but to be honest, for me it is much more fun to paint something rough, using texture brushes and very raw lines - which does not really suit my older artwork's "fine art style", but it's the way of painting I feel most comfortable with by now.
I used to do very clean artworks, planning every single detail I wanted to add - but the final result turns out so stiff by using this method.
- I guess I prefer the rough look - it's so much more lively :)

About the painting: As I already mentionned, I have a weakness for painting beautiful people, especially women, and although only few people know, I have an even bigger weakness for painting plants, funguses, well for everything that can grow on the ground, on trees or on human skin. :D - Usually it's not really possible to combine both, that's one of the main reasons why I enjoyed painting this one so much, as it contains everything I really LOVE to paint (except of dresses - I should do a Fullbody out of it XD)

Technical: Finished in about 5 hours, no refs used. Thanks to Jonas De Ro and Sakimichan - their brush sets are amazing!
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This is so great! Love it!
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My dear lord this is a painting! ! You are so damn skilled!! Perfect expression of fright.
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Thank you so much ^^
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It's disturbing and beautiful!   Great job!
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Great work :) All that fungus reminds me of a infected from "The Last of Us". Is there any place where i can get those brush sets? :)
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Haha, yep, I'm a big fan of that game and was playing it, when I painted this one, so it's definitely inspred by it :D
I mainly use the brushes of Jonas De Ro, he's selling them, it's worth buying them :)
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Ive just finished the original game plus Left Behind DLC on PS4. Ellie rules ;) I will check those brushes. Thnx a lot for the info.
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Creepishly fantastic.
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Awesome art piece :D
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Thank you very much :)
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Oh my gosh: this is too good. D: I'm getting an overdose of brilliance, over here. Damn. D:
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Thank you so much :D
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WOW!   I love it.
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wow this is so awesome :) her expression is so great
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