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Some new artwork today :)
Took me about 6 hours to finish this one, hope you like it :)

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This is one of my favorite artworks I've come across when looking for a characer image. So beautiful!

I love this picture! I hope you don't mind; I used it as an image for a homebrew D&D piece. I did credit you! If you would like me to remove it, please let me know. Thanks for your talent!

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  Just today I submitted a similarly themed render, but you out-did me with this one. Nice! And, a nice gallery. 
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I honestly wish there was more of this particular woman... I have a DND character in mind for her. She is a Winged Elf, who has lost the past 750 years of memories due to an accidental crossing from one world to another. For the past 10 years, she's slowly been learning about her abilities and magics/talents as a bard, but is very wary of strangers who are out to make some quick coin, so she uses an ability she has to physically changer her appearance to something else. In this instance, she has chosen to become a man because this part of the world thinks women are not as useful. So she keeps her true form hidden for now, but is set to appear in the "King's Respite" as a red headed elf woman whom plays a majestic harp. She'll be entertaining the upper noble houses with this performance and this image is just inspiring! :-) <3
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When I view great painting I look at how things are done.

Focusing on what my weak spots are and techniques the artist used.

First thing that stands out is the bg, I would have over-killed it, love how you didn't.

Hair is outstanding, (I still haven't figured hair out yet)

Am most in awe of the work on her dress!!!

Then the finer details in the harp, bracelet and magic swirls that complete it.

Beautiful beautiful work!!

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Thank you very much :D
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Your very welcome :)
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lovely art. i love it.
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This is gorgeous! I love the fabric!
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OMG *-----*
The colors... the... the... omg *------*


You're fantastic, gosh:happydance: + PLZ account!
Shiny La:Dummy La: Shiny La:Dummy La: Shiny La:Dummy La: Shiny La 
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Thank you so much ^^
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Thank you very much ^^
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So beautiful ! 
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