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Ukulele time

I repainted my brother's ukulele for him.

I don't own any of the Adventure Time characters
depicted here.
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awesome! I love the fretboard!
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WOAH:D What materials did you use to make this (ie; what paint, pens, anything?)
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make me one!
LOVE THIS! Great job, now all you need is one of these lol [link]
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Has your brother noticed if this has changed the sound of his instrument?
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Pretty sure it hasn't. Or if it did, he didn't mention it.
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:O I'm totally doing this to my uke! Did you use any special paints or is it acrylic?
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It's acrylic yeah with a like lacquer spray over the top.
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Awesome! Can't wait to try it :D
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i hate your brother.
this is not fair. lol

its beautiful!
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Hahaha, thank you!
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Amazing work! Your brother must have a blast playing this! :)
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Thank you! He plays it in lots of places :D
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Love this!!!! What brand of uke is this? Love the fret board design. :)
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My brother ordered from Bruceweiart on ebay.
But he says not to order from them because it's not
perfectly put together.

Sorry I wish I could be more specific.
How did you restring it? Is it hard, or did you go somewhere to do it after you painted?
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My brother restrung it himself, it's not difficult :)
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Very cute. I love the face on the ukulele.
I must own this.
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Hahaha, my brother's currently wearing it out.
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looks really great!
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