I yanked on a little girls panties

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So remember the girl from my previous story where I hung her on a door nob yeah this is about her.

So I stayed the night at her house again(her sisters are by best friends) and the next morning she came down stairs where is was and she asked me to follow her. So I did and she led me to this one room where she had set up some towel hooks on the door. I said do you want to try again? She said yes. I said fine give me 5 minutes. She said ok fine. So I went back to mg bag o cloths and spilled out one specific pair of panties. Went to the bathroom put them on and webby back down to the one she had led me to. So I looked at her and said you ready? she replied yes. So I lifted up the skirt she was wear ing and she had on a pair of blue and white stripped granny panties. I looked over said not bad and lifted up my own skirt. I had chosen a pair of blue granny panties that had the day of the week on them. (The  hole idea was pretty much a who had the cuter granny panties match. So after some discussion we decided i had won again. So I looked at the hooks again and started begging me to repair her ads  from what I would do to to her panties.I said either you take it in those or you can borrow your moms. She voted for her moms. So I let her go get some panties from her mom's dresser. She came back and said ready. I had then realized when  I Wedgie she was wear ing a tiger print thong.(She liked to wear thongs they make her feel hot). So I lulled as hard as I could and hung her on the hooks . She looked at me and said get it over with. I said ok. And ran outside quickly remembering a deviant story I had read the other night. And I grabbed some worms. I went back in to the bathroom and lulled out my secret stash of itching powder and ran back to her. She looked at me in defeat and
I put the powder in her ads first  then I lulled the front of her skirt an the thong towards me. I looked the worms on my hand I one by one I put them near her lists and I let them squirm before letting  go of her. I look up and ask her are you going to do this again? She said never whole moaning and itching her ads at the same time.  I said you can hang like this for the neeext I don't know 2 hours. And she looked at me and tried to beg but I then made her stop by pulling her towards her skirt and the thong towards me again. She looked terrified whole I moved one of the worms inside her upset and then lulled it back out. I said get use to this. And then yanked on her legs and walked away. I actually came back an hour and a half later. She had stoped moving so I play shed her some and she looked up I let her down and helped her get rid of the worms. I snuck up behind her and weighed her again and said better get use to this feeling punk. Or your ads has another thing coming.

(The girl  is 9)
I have got no regrets
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