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YCH/P2U-Cat Meow Pixel Icon Base
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Published: May 28, 2017
© 2017 - 2019 Jenny2-point-0


:bulletred: You are not allowed to use this work. :bulletred:
No alterations, copies, edits and redistributions of any kind are permitted.
Feel free to provide feedback and critique
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Free Version
FREE-Cat Meow Icon by Jenny2-point-0

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.: P2U (Pay To Use) :.
To purchase, click the purchase button on the right side.

Currency: Great British Pounds [GBP] 
Price: £1
Points: 130 :points:

Download Zip Contains:
-Animation Frames. PNG
-Animation Frames Singular. PNG
-Blank GIF
-PSD. file


You Must:
:bulletorange: You MUST credit me in the artists description if you re upload it.

You CAN:
:bulletgreen: You may colour any character that fits the anatomy.
:bulletgreen: If you know how you may edit the timing.
:bulletgreen: You can colour this however you wish.
:bulletgreen: You can add accessories so the base better fits your character.
:bulletgreen: You can alter the base to fit your character.

:bulletred: You're not allowed to do any major edits i.e. change the species of animal
:bulletred: You may not make any kind of profit from this icon. Whether it's dA points or real money.
Bullet; Red You may not distribute this base in any way.
Bullet; Red You may not receive a refund on purchases of this base in order to safe guard myself against unauthorised downloads.

How to use in Paint 
1:bulletblack: Open the .PNG file in paint

2:bulletblack: Crop the first frame out removing the border, if you don't your icon wont fit dA as the boarder will make it exceed 50 x 50 pixels 

3:bulletblack: Next choose a solid colour for the background that isn't on your character.

4:bulletblack: Colour the frame and save the image as a .PNG file with the frame number in the name. Repeat this process for all the other frames, remembering to number them accordingly.

5:bulletblack: Once all the frames are coloured head over to

5:bulletblack: Once on follow this tutorial


How to use in GIMP
1Dot Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! Create a new file. (50 pixel by 50 pixel, 72 res (check the advanced option to alter resolution of the image))

2Dot Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! Go to "File" > "Open as layers" > Select the PNG files of the frames. Once they're in the program arrange them in numerical order, starting with 1 at the bottom and the numbers ascending upwards.

3Dot Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! Check the lock layer option on all the frames and then colour as you please.

4Dot Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! Once all frames are coloured add the following text to the first layer name "(1000ms) (replace)" and then add "(100ms) (replace)" to every other layer name. You may wish to alter the timings "100ms" as you see fit.

5Dot Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! After that is complete go to "Filters" > "Animation" > "Preview", to preview your animation.

6Dot Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! Then go to "File" > "Export" > "Save as.." gif and make sure you check the animation box and the loop forever box and hit save.


How to use in Photoshop
1:bulletblue: Open the .psd file

2:bulletblue: Next go to "window" > "Animation" and check that it runs properly.

3:bulletblue: You'll see the layers named accordingly to the body parts and the numbered in the order that they appear. Colour your character accordingly. The layers that should be coloured by you are called "colour" The layer is locked so colouring it should be fine.

4:bulletblue: The most effective way to colour the icon without disrupting the animation is to click on each frame and colour as your go through them. If you get confused where the layer is that you need to colour, follow the eye icon on the layers.

5:bulletblue: Once satisfied go to "Save for web & devices" and then save again (you don't really have to worry about all the techy stuff you see there)

.: YCH (Your Character Here) :.
To purchase with points, click the widget on my page.
To purchase with money, not me your Paypal so I can invoice you.

If you wish for this base to be coloured by me, follow the instructions above as well as providing me with a character via note. Make sure to read the rules before hand.

Unlimited Slots

Currency: Great British Pounds [GBP] 
Price: £5
Points: 650 :points:

Price of a custom for this animation is £52.50, You save £47.50!!


:bulletgreen: I will ONLY colour this base to fit your character, including eyes and mouth colours.
:bulletgreen: I can edit the timing upon your request.
:bulletgreen: I will add accessories so long as they don't affect the animation.

:bulletred: Alter anything animated, you're only paying for a recolour of the base provided.
:bulletred: You're not allowed to submit the base I've coloured for you to your DeviantART Gallery.
:bulletred: I will not change the species of this icon.

Completed recolour examples:
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