Moving Accounts!

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Hello whoever is still actively following me!

I decided to make a brand new Deviantart account,

The reason being is that I just want a new start with a new name that is in-line with the branding of my art tumblr and my art twitter, both also "AvocadoRaisin"

And also because, though I am not ashamed of my old art at all, it isn't amazing when you post a new art piece and in the sidebar it shows "see more by jennilah" and it's thumbnails of art you made literally over 11-12 years ago. It's not an accurate representation of my work now.... in the slightest. lol.

Also not to mention the hundreds of cringy outdated memes in my favorites and "L0L Sp0RkS xDD" type journals I made when I was literally 13 years old.

So yeah. Fresh start time!

I will be posting some of my latest pieces over there so don't panic if you think someone is reposting them- it's just me!

Thanks for the support and I hope to see you there! <3

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