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Half Blood Prince o All Cosmos

Full Title: Half Blood Prince of All Cosmos

This is what happens when and I talk to each other. Scary, no? The idea was too good to resist...for those of you who don't recognize it, it's Snape from Harry Potter as a Katamari Damacy Prince. Because you know, he's the Half Blood Prince. Ha. Ha. Anyway, I thought the little ball of Gryffindors came out really cute...I was trying to make them look like the boxy people you actually pick up in the game.

I think I'll stop talking now.

And if anyone says I ruined the book for them, I'll smack you with a fish. If you haven't found out by now, that's your own fault X_x;
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This is absa-fricken-lutely awesome. Just sayin. :]
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NAAA na na NA na na nuh nah nuh Katamaridamasnape!!!
chessykat's avatar
-Waves wand-
" Katamari!"
Wait a minute...
...that's not a spell.
ARoseForMary's avatar
Ahahaha! I can't even pass that stupid game, though. :(
youmee400's avatar
Oh my this is too cute
This is my two favorite things in the same picture.
LilyEvans21891's avatar
lmao, this is hilarious x]
Kiarushka's avatar
OMG that's so cute!
vern-argh's avatar
Ahaaha, man. This is one weird yet intriguing combination. >XD
mreooow's avatar
LOL! One of my friends was playing that game the other day too.
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glad I already read the book, I HATE the bad smell of fish o.O

Way to make all those serious, hardcore fans look at from a different perspective, whenever I try to discuss the book, the other person goes all serious, and hard-faced o.o

there WERE funny parts too ya know!

awesome deviation! :thumbsup:
Jennifurret's avatar
Who can forget the "Constipation Sensation that's Gripping the Nation"?

*snort* Anyway, thanks ^^;
ShadowDreamer08's avatar
Why fear You know who?
when you should be afraid of U NO POO :D

I especially enjoyed the part when Hermione's pointing out all of harry's good looks/talents, and Ron's going bezerk, an getting all jealous :) (enough rambling)

your especially welcome :bow:
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*dies* this is amazing! XD
Jennifurret's avatar
Hehe, thanks for the fave!
dkbg's avatar
hilarious! they should so do a level in katamari damacy like that. it would be quite comical. get up to dragons or something. awesome.
Jennifurret's avatar
That would be so fun! You could roll up potions that changed your katamari, have spells that affect it... Ok, maybe I'm getting a bit carried away. Anyway, thanks for the fave!
tenshi-sirius's avatar
We <3 Katamari! x3

This picture makes to giggle. It's Veddy veddy cute. n_n

Awesome job!
Jennifurret's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad you like it ^^;
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must...fav... mwahhhahahahA!
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