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During my elementary school through high school, I begin to get bully by random students. I didn't have that much friends and I didn't fit in a lot. I always feel like a third wheel and sometime people from my school treat me that I'm invisible and I don't existed. I really wanted to have friends and have a better life. There was a time that I really wanted to drop out of school and don't want to come because I get bullied a lot but if I do that, the bullies will win so I kept going to school.. Few times I wanted to kill myself that people wanted to bullied me sometime makes fun of what I act and few time I get make fun of my weight because I'm fat. I wanted to have lots friend to have better life and wanted people to get to know me. I'm always scared and weak back than and I really didn't want to feel that way but I did. I just wish that all bullies around the world to die but it will makes me a bad guy and I don't want that. I've been used by my friend and that's why I have trust issued by people. How do I gain trust on people who bullied me and backstabbed me behind my back. Why can I have that much friends? I really think my energy is being sucked in the darkness around me that I always feels sad and depression. People are fill of darkness and I can feel it. That's why I wanted to kill myself just like Amanda Todd who committed suicide after she had enough of being bullied but luckily I didn't kill myself. Now that in my adult time I still have fewer friends and it's sad for me. I wanted to have more friends in my future. I wanted all the bullies victims to stand up like me I learn how to stand up and that's why the bullies started to decrease for me when I became kind of between teenager adult. Please try to stop the bullies and I want to have friends who are a good person to trust and being a honest person.

That's I wanted you guys to understand where I'm coming from and wanted you guys to hear my story life time back during school time for me.