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The Witch's House (Viola and Ellen) + Story by JenniferLee1991 The Witch's House (Viola and Ellen) + Story by JenniferLee1991
The Witch's House 2: Viola and Ellen
"The story is long and I worked hard with it and also, I made this story a little bit different so I hope you enjoy and please leave a
comment below if you like and or fav. it. Thank you and enjoy! One thing, it's has some gore too so yeah."
*1st Main*
Ellen (Young red dress girl, Age 13, ??? tall, short and thin, a lonely girl fill with sorrow and pain)
*2nd Main*
Viola (Young blonde girl, Age 13, ??? tall, short and thing, a lovely nice young girl to be friends with)

N: 1 year later, Viola lived in a huge mansion with a black cat that is possessed by a demon. He teached her some new magic spells
like making doors appear and disappear, summoning creatures, love spells, trading body spells, and other more spells. One thing that
Ellen is waiting for is a spell to get rid of her illness that has grow worser and Ellen became more sicker than before. The cat didn't
show her that magic spell and she still has to wait for it. Ellen was didn't wanted to wait and want the spell now. The cat still told
Ellen to wait. Ellen gave up and she just sat on a chair in her room looking out the window while she is coughing. She looked out again
and she saw a girl that looks like the same age as her.

Ellen: Who's that? A girl. She look lost.

N: The blonde girl saw the house but felt afraid of the house. She didn't have no where to go so she opens the door and Ellen was excited.
She ran towards the stairs and greet the young girl.

Blonde girl: Huh?

Ellen: Hey there, are you lost?

Blonde girl: You lived in this big house?

Ellen: Yeap.

Blonde girl: Wow...uhh how can you live in this big house all by yourself.

Ellen: I get used to it. Forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ellen. What's yours?

Blonde girl: Oh..uhh..Viola.

Ellen: Viola? That's a pretty name.

Viola: Uhh thanks..I guess.

Ellen: Why don't you come in and lets be friend and play.

Viola: I..I don't think I should. My father told me to not to come in stranger's house.

Ellen: Don't worry. I'm not a bad person. I'll keep you safe.

N: Ellen smile so mysterious like she is planning on something for Viola. Viola was still
afraid and Ellen lend her hand to her. Viola reached to her hand and came in. Viola knows
it wasn't right to go in someone's house that she doesn't know but she know that
Ellen won't hurt her. They go a chance to play around and play dolls and toys. They get to eat
too since Ellen knows how to cook when she came to this mansion. They dig up the food and ate.

Ellen: How does it taste?

Viola: It taste great! I didn't know that you cook it so well.

Ellen: Well I learn how to cook so yeah. Please, enjoy the food.

N: They continue eating there food until nothing was on there plate. They finish done eating
dinner so they both went to Ellen's room to play more. Viola gets a chance to comb her hair
and let Elle lay back on Viola's need while she combs it. There friendship grew higher so
and they begin to play some more and Ellen also showed her some magic spells. Viola was suprised
and didn't know that Ellen can do magic spells. It was getting let and Viola had to go home.

Viola: Well, I gotta go. See you tomorrow?

Ellen: Yeah. Haha

Viola: Great! It was nice to meet you, Ellen.

N: Viola left and head home. Ellen wave goodbye and she feels so lonely again. She was getting bored and
she decided to summon invisible friends to play with here. There body doesn't show but there shadow does
show on the floor from the light. Next week, Viola was with Ellen in her room and Ellen became more sicker
than she thought. She cough and cough while Viola gives her some medicine and water for her to drink. Ellen
was resting on her bed and Viola was right beside her sitting on the chair.

Viola: Oh no. The medicine just making it worser. I think I should get a doctor from my town.

Ellen: No...I'm fine...really. *Cough* *Cough*

Viola: Oh no! You're coughing out of blood. I really need to bring a doctor right now!

Ellen: Please...just bring me more medicine. I'm sure...I'll feel better soon.

Viola: Are you sure?

Ellen: Yes...

Viola: Alright. I'll go get more medicine. Please, try not to push yourself okay. Get some rest until I get back.

Ellen: Thank you..

N: While Viola left Ellen's room, Ellen went to sleep and to wait on Viola to bring more medicine. Viola came back
more with medicine and water for her. Viola tried to wake up Ellen for her to take her meds. After she took her meds,
she still became more sicker.

Viola: This is really bad. I don't want you to suffer like this.

Ellen: Viola...

Viola: What is it?

Ellen: Please...lean forward...I have to ask you a favor...

N: Viola lean close to Ellen and Ellen whisper her ear with no words or sound. Viola made a face. The next day, Viola was
woken up and she doesn't remember anything. She looked around and she doesn't know where she is. She has a note on her hand
and she reads it.

Viola: I know that your friends lives in the forest. I don't mind if you go to your friend's house but just please stay away from
forest. Also, please come home soon. Love father.

N: She remember it a little bit and know that she got this note from her father after he went hunting. She still doesn't know how
she was brought here. She got up and looked around. The saw the sign. Head north is .....'s house and the south is out of the forest.
Viola took south but all the big roses were blocking the path and all the trees were narrow to fit through for her. She looked around
and she see this sparkling thing. She found a machete and she tries to cute the big roses but it was to thick. She has no idea how to
get out. She head no choice and head north. The roses were block the path but they were different from the other rose that was blocking
the path to the south. The roses on north was smaller and weaker. She cuts them all off and the machete just broke unexpected. She kept
going and she sees this strange black cat.

Black Cat: Hello there. I never seen you around here.

Viola: can talk?

Black Cat: Never seen a cat talk before?

Viola: No..never in my life.

Black Cat: I see well...

Viola: Tell me where we are?

Black Cat: I'm not sure *lie*

Viola: Huh?

Black Cat: What is it.

N: Viola see a big house that is an mansion. She also saw the door open itself.

Black Cat: You going in?

Viola: I don't know. It looks creepy.

Black Cat: Well if you do, I must warn you.

Viola: Huh?

Black Cat: Once you enter the house, you can never come back the outside world ever again.

Viola: Really?

Black Cat: Well I can't stay out here. I'm going in the house. Feel free to tag along.

N: The black cat head inside the house and Viola can't stay outside in the creepy forest so she followed the cat.
She head in the house and the door behind her, closed shut tight and vanish.

Viola: What the! HEY!! Where is the door!

Black Cat: I warned you.

Viola: There has to be a way out. I will not stay here that long.

N: Viola looked around and see door on north. She went in the door and saw a large empty room. She head back and she
went to the next room. on her left. She got to a small room and saw another door. It was lock when she tried to open the
door. She head back and all of suddenly, the door on north vanish. Viola begins to feel creeped out right now. She heads
to the door on east and open in. She looked around for a key but nothing. She did found a teddy bear. She tries to pick it up
but it got up itself and grow big. It turns around and looked at Viola. The teddy's eyes begin to glow red and it attack Viola.
Viola dodged the teddy bear's attack and it was trying to eat her. It has sharp fangs on it's mouth and Viola scream. She head
towards the door and closed the door behind. It was trying to force open the door and Viola tries to hold on the door. It stopped
and there was no sound. She has a door unlocked and it was coming from the west door in the small room. She head towards the small
room and open the door. She was in a diner room with tables, plates, spoons, forks, and a strange looking soup on the table. She
smelled it and smelled awful.

Viola: Is this soup poison! That's nasty.

N: She head towards the door behind her and head to the kitchen room. She hears someone chopping on and wood board. There was nobody
and she head closer to the cutting board and bumped something in front of her. She looked down and there was a shadow figure of a
person. She fell to the floor and freaked out.

Viola: What the! An invisible person!

Invisible person: Please watch where you're going. I'm trying to cut something. Oh, would you mind lend me a hand.

Viola: No thanks!

Invisible person: Alright then. How about that teddy bear limbs there on the table next to you. Please hand that over.

Viola: Here!

Invisible person: Thank you. Here, you might need this key.

N: She obtain a silver key. She doesn't know why she needs it but she will keep it just in case. She sees a door by the diner room door. She
tried to open it but it was lock. She tried to use the key, it won't fit. She was confuse why she has this key. She thought of what if she
puts the key in the soup. She heads towards the diner room and grabs her silver key and drop it in the soup. The key was turning black and she
hear a door unlock in the kitchen. She heads the and open the door. It was unlock. The stairs leads to a second floor but she was too scared to
keep going. The can't give up now and she has to find a way out of this house. She head upstairs and she was in a hallway. She sees another door
and she heads towards it. All of suddenly, she felt like something was behind her. She turns and it was some kind of knight armor coming towards her
and trying to kill her. She ran and ran towards the door. She opens it and close it behind her quickly. The knight armor strikes through the door
and almost goes through her head. She ran towards another door and shut the door quick.

Viola: What's going on here! Why are these things trying to kill me!

N: Viola took a deep breath and entered a red hallway filling with tons of blood everywhere on the walls and some on the floors. She just saw a knife
coming her way and she quickly dodged it. She has to keep going so she ran. The knifes was coming towards her from behind and she moved to sides to
sides. She made it to the end of the bloody hallway. She sees two doors.

Viola: Man..not again. I can't give up now. I must find a way out. I will not die here in this place.

N: She took the door on her right and enter the small room with a small pond with one frog. She walk towards the frog and look closly at the cute little
frog. The was liked her already so quick. It hopes on her and decided to go with her.

Viola: look cute little frog.

N: She took the frog with here and carried it. She heads towards the next door but it was lock. She tries to figure what to unlock this door. She looked at
and lever several feets away from here. There was a skinny metal line to walk across but she knows that it will break if she tries to walk across. She head an
idea and let her frog do it. The frog hope across and pulled the lever. He hopes back to Viola and Viola carried him. She hears a door unlock and head there.
She open it and she was in some kind of mirror room. She looked at the note.

Viola: Please fix the mirror room. Huh? Hmmm...

N: It took several minutes to arrange the mirror room to look exactly the same and she hears the other door unlock. She quickly grab her frog and ran towards
the door. Before she tried to open it. The she hears the knight armor coming towards her behind her. She scream and quickly open the door and close it. The knight
armor bangs the door open forcefully but the metal door can't be open. It was locked tight and she felt relieved. she head towards the next room. She see the black
cat there with her in the room.


Black Cat: You thought I was in the first floor. You must be imagining.

Viola: Right......

N: Viola continues to keep going and she head to the hallways and she see one door and she went by it. She doesn't feel right about this door so she peeked the small
window on the door and she see something big and long. She lean towards the door and hears slithering and growling. She doesn't wanted to be killed by the thing but
she has the get through the door. She had an idea. She used the frog and tried to put it through the small window but it refused to go in. She forcefully and successfully
put it through the window.

Viola: Forgive me little frog.

N: She hears growling and blood splatter sound. After that, it was quiet. No sound. She was afriad to open it but she did. She open the door and the thing is gone. There
was blood on the floor and she know it was the frog's blood being tear apart and eaten. She felt bad but she can't be sad about the frog for long. She heads towards the
next room. It was filled with five different dolls. So tried to investigate of what the five dolls means. When she walked towards the dolls, she found a diary on the floor.
It was written by someone who lived here. Viola reads the diary.

Viola: I was begin feeling sick when I was 12 years old. My father and mother didn't care about me that I was sick. They all treated me that I'm not there daughter. They tried
to kill me so I killed them. I made a pact with the black cat that was possessed by the demon. He promise me to teach me a spell to get ride of my illness but he never did. I was
upset and I feel like I was not going to be feeling alright and die one day with my illness. I was lonely and sad that no one ever wanted to play with me until...I met this girl with
a blonde head she was such a good friend and we became friends. I felt happy. After she left, I head back to my old place and grabbed the knife I stabbed my mom quick and I burn the house
down. I don't care if they both turn to ashes so I cast a fire spell to burn everything down. I remember after I killed them, I was grossed out that this cat just ate my mother's and father's
soul out of there body. I never stop getting that nightmare. After that, I head to my own mansion and puted in the cabinet by my teddy bear. Hopefully, I hope my blonde friend will make me happy
once again... from Ellen.

N: Viola puts the diary down and felt sorry for this Ellen.

Viola: Poor Ellen. Blonde hair...was she talking about me. memory...

N: She has a vision of Ellen in her mind but she still can't remember but she tries to stay focus. She tried to figure what these dolls mean. She looked at the color. It must be they are in there
each color, that what Viola think. Somehow, two were miss placed. The red doll was on the blue color section and the blue was on the red section. She puts them both where they belong. Somehow the door
on the floor opened. She heads towards the trap door and it was dark. She head to keep heading forward. made it through and saw another stairway so she head to the stairs. She was lead to another hallway
but this hallway was different. She felt like she's been here before. She head towards the end of the hallway and saw this door. She also saw the cat too.

Black Cat: I saw that you were reading Ellen's diary. So you know who I am and why I'm possessing this dead cat body.


Black Cat: Well..this door leads to Ellen's room. Be careful now. See you later.

N: The cat disappear into thin air. Viola head in Ellen's room and it was dark and she see so many blood on the bed everywhere.

Viola: What happen here? Huh? What's that...

N: Viola head to Ellen's desk and there was another diary of Ellen. She read it but looked each the page without a word.

Ellen (Mind): My sickness was going to kill me. So....I took her body from her. I lived on in her body. That fine, right? Because...were "friends" right? She gave me her body...because we're "friends".
So, today...we should play some more.. Right..Viola.

Viola: Huh!

N: Something happen so quick. Something pops out the window and came crawling towards Viola slowly. It was Ellen with no legs and no eyes. She was bleeding and angry. She made a kind of like a banshee scream at
Viola and she fell. She got up quickly and ran out the room. Ellen was aftering her so fast. Viola ran towards teh stairs and she opens the door and head to the kitchen. She heads towards the diner room and the chair
started to swing around her and striking at her. She quickly ducked and ran towards the door. The floor colapse in front of her and she almost fell down. Ellen was behind her so Viola kept running. She ran towards the
east door and head in the room. She opens the cabinet where Ellen puts her knife and also a there was a little bottle too. It says that it can kill any large plants. She took just in case and Ellen was behind her and
grabbed her leg and Viola kick her off. She ran again and she saw the exit door where she came in. She opens it and the door behind her shut tight. She took a deep breath and she ran like the wind. She stop and look on the
ground. It was a note from her father again. She read it.

Viola: Viola, I'm sorry for yelling at you. I hope you come home soon. Your friend name is Ellen right, the one who lives in the forest. Just be careful. I heard there was an old legend about the witch that kidnapped kids.
Please come home safe.

N: Viola took the note with her and ran towards the roses on south. She quickly dump the little medicine bottle and the flower just rotten and melted. She finally got out of there and head towards the exit path. She stops and
ran out of breath. She turns around and her Ellen crawling towards her from the back. She turn and there was Ellen.


Viola: Boy your stubborn! How long are you going to chase me.

N: She stabs Ellen and push her back.

Viola: Hahaha! You know that body of won't last long.


Viola: What, give it back? No way. This body hurts much less. You give it to me in the first play. Why should I have to give it back. Haha Isn't that right...Viola.
You felt so sorry for me. I couldn't even move my body. So that's why I use my magic to switch body with you just for a day. Hahaha! I guess I did say that though. I was
guided by that house so I ensure to escape. I didn't know you can trap me with my own powers was no avail.


Viola: What, still not dead yet. Oh, I know why. You're worried about your father. Ah yes, you and your father. Close family of two. He's a kind of man. Hunter isn't he.
You must be worried about what happens when you're gone. Don't you worry. I'll give him of Viola's love and...I'll take her loves too. How does that sound. So..

???: Viola!

Viola: Father!

Viola's Father: Viola!

N: She heads towards her father and pretended to be scared.

Viola's Father: I've been looking for you everywhere. Are you hurt?

Viola: I'm fine. But that thing. That's what!

Viola's Father: Wha...what the..

Ellen: h...hh...hel....pppp

Viola's Father: S..stay back you monster!


N: He shots Ellen 2 or 3 times and Ellen was dead. The father puts his gun down.

Viola: Hahaha Goodbye..Viola. >:)

N: They both head home. While they left, the cat came and saw Viola's in Ellen's body.

Black Cat: Well well... Looks you're own father killed you. I guess I could bring you along with me. There is someone wants to meet you.

N: The black cat uses his power to bring Viola in Ellen's body with him. What will he do with it and who wanted to meet Viola. Will see.

To Be Continue

Here is the link of the song, "Friend" by Jayn in youtube.…
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