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Jennifer as Protector (Done) by JenniferLee1991 Jennifer as Protector (Done) by JenniferLee1991
Just the body and the rest I've done colored. I will finish the background later on. Hope you like it and fav. it. Thank you and enjoy. =3

About her:
This is Jennifer protector personality who protects her master which means Jennifer as her master. She doesn't have a name so she is just called the Protector. She also protects other people that Jennifer cares about. Her ability is superior strength, which means that she can punch or kick anything like a soccer ball even she can break down the worlds tallest buildings. She's also very fast which people or her enemies can't see where she is because her speed. She's also part of the story I'm going to make soon. In order for Jennifer to be the protector, she has to call her to protector her from enemies or something that she really needs her help of something. When Jennifer becomes so rage anger, she becomes her as one if Jennifer and becomes so powerful that enemies can't with stand her powers. She really angry of something happen if her friends gets killed, her truelove gets killed, or anybody that she cares about dies, she will become rage anger. Once her anger is out, she turns back in to her original self. One last thing about her, she is not effective from the sun which the sun can't burn her and she's cannot be burnt by holy water so you might think that she is a different kind of a vampire.
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Submitted on
October 22, 2016
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