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Jennifer by JenniferLee1991 Jennifer by JenniferLee1991
I wish I can request the Puzzle and Dragons companies to create my character in their online game but I don't know that's going to happen. If they let I hope maybe.

Jennifer the Goddess of Light
****** (6 stars)
Level 1 - 70
HP: 2500
Attack: 2000
RCV: 250
Skills (10 turns): Heals fully, Block the blind for 99 turns, heal all blinds to your allies, defense increases 85%, enchanted all elements, and blind enemies for 10 turns.
Leader Skills: 3.5 HP increases for all element att., 10x attack for all elements, heal massive when match orb, halves damage of all elements att., immunity from enemies skills, and 100x attack for 8 combos or 10 combos for 250x attack.
Attack Elements: Light

Level 70
HP: 5005
Attack: 4850

Next form will be Queen Jennifer.
******** (8 stars)
Level 1 - 99
HP: 3650
Attack: 3005
RCV: 350
Same Skills
Same Leader Skills
Awoken Skills: 100% block blind, Heal when match orb, Light orb enchanted may appear 75%, block all poison orbs, gives you more than 20 seconds to move orbs, and always remedy heal to all allies.
Attack element: Light
Second element: Light

Level 99
HP: 12555
Attack: 9255
RCV: 1250

Two Ultimate Form
1. Queen Jennifer of Angels
2. Jennifer of Valkyrie

Queen Jennifer of Angels
******** (8 stars)
Lvl 99
HP: 13500
AttacK: 9500
RCV: 1500
Same two elements attack from her 2nd form

Jennifer of Valkyrie
******** (8 stars)
HP: 13750
Attack: 10073
RCV: 2500
Same two elements attack from her 2nd form.

If this happens and if you have to fight her, it will be very difficult to fight her in Puzzle and Dragons.
Jennifer has lots of health in 1000000s but her attack will be in 3500s. She may attack weak but her skills is strong if this happen.
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March 23, 2015
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