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Goddess Warrior Valkyrie, Jennifer Lee by JenniferLee1991 Goddess Warrior Valkyrie, Jennifer Lee by JenniferLee1991
I made another form like I said, I am obsessed with Valkyries even in Puzzle and Dragons. This time I will make it kind of fair but she's still strong though.

Goddess Warrior Valkyrie, Jennifer Lee
10 stars

Awoken Skills:
1. 100% jammers orbs immunity
2. 5000 HP Heal
3. 6 rows of light orbs increases 2x attack
4. 50% all element orbs enchant may appear
5. Two-Pronged Attack
6. 100% poison orbs immunity
7. 100% Lock-Skills immunity
8. Recovery 8 turns of bind with 6 row heart orbs
9. 10 extended time increase

Type: God/Healer/Attacker

Element: Light and Water (Same)

HP: 1259 - 15772
Attack: 1003 - 8557
RCV: 667 - 3311

Skill: Divine Blast! Lvl 1 - 10  Turn: 15 - 6
Change Fire, Water, Earth, and Dark to Heal Orb, instant kill to all enemies, 85% defense increases for 10 turns, remedy heal, and Light orbs enchanted.

Skill: Bravery Valkyrie Charm
6x attack increases for all allies, 15x attack increases of 10 combo, heal 35% HP every turn, 65% defenses increase, 4x HP for allies, immunity from enemies skills, and a rare eggs may appear after a stage for 80%.

Greatest Valkyrie Challenge (With all Valkyries in battle)

HP: 127,009,250
Attack: 2500 - 15000
Defense: 15000

Divine Blast! 10% HP
Instant Death

Are you Worthy to fight me? 100% chances for only 1 turn
Fully heal HP

God, give me strength! 90% HP
10 turns of shield of Poison, delay, and defenses decreases

Taste your own medicine! 50% chances
five time attack in a row

Time to go to sleep 80% - 50% HP
Bind all allies for 2 turns or Bind four allies for 3 turns 
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October 19, 2015
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