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i finally set up an instagram dedicated to my illustrations! follow me @jhomdraws 
...or not, you know, whatever. 
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Hello friendly internet faces. I'm pleased to announce that I reopened my print store for the holidays. Please visit it here:

Thank you all for the support :3

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thanks for all the requests over the past few months!  i decided to dive into this thing and open a store:

i know i ramble enough as it is, but each print will include an unpublished back story…so buyers will finally know what means what (i guess).

additionally, if you don't see a work of mine in the store, please feel free to send me a special request (…) with the name/url of the piece and the desired dimensions of the print.
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AHOY everyone-- thanks for the daily deviation :D  you're all quite lovely

special thanks to LaughingAstarael and Atramina for the feature/suggestion!
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Thanks to everyone for your kind works/favorites/watches/and llama badges (whatever those are...i'm so out of the loop with this stuff)-- also, sincere gratitude towards archanN for featuring "metro 780"

cheers everyone!
Go check out google NOW!  my first doodle is live around the world :D  Happy Birthday Gandhi!
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so i totally missed that i got a daily deviation b/c it happened on my first day of work at Google haha  THANK YOU to everyone who favorited, watched, and commented :D  and big big thanks to mimozablooming for recommending me!  i'm in SF now, working full-time, and temporarily homeless...but at least i had a DD.  life is kind of silly that way i guess.
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it's time to migrate!  at long last, i managed to trick a failing economy into giving me a job-- and a very exciting one at that.  here's the catch, though, i have to move from my cozy, comfortable home in new york to something new and foreign (haha) in san francisco.  (said NY home also includes all my friends and family btw...)  is it not all fright though!  from what i understand so far, Google takes very good care of their employees, so relocating shouldn't be that intimidating.  plus, i managed to fish out some other RISD alumni in the SF area!  

funny part is that while i was nervously waiting to hear back from Google about my application, i started painting to build up an illustration portfolio.  i guess all these new pieces are going to fill up my walls instead :)

anyway, happy trails to everyone and thanks to those who have shown me and my work kindness :D  wish me luck!
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since i started laboring over color keys for my portfolio, i've had to push my knowledge of color as far as i can in....a few weeks.  one issue that i've always had with color is black.  if it's not a matter of "style," i try to avoid it at all costs (even with a dark scene).  black-- unless in PITCH DARKNESS-- seems to be a crutch.  one's first intuition is to add black, or go directly to black if something is in shadow.  i found that while working with my boarding keys, i ended up with a lot of black when i couldn't figure out the color of the shadow.  granted, a fraction of this has to do with the limitations of working in CMYK (there is a severe lack of range in color options when painting in this mode), but most of it was my low level of competence and impatience.  having realized this while crying over 'mango grove' for a week, i need to go back into my three boarding keys and straighten some things out.  

those keys remind me of last year when the creator of "avatar" yelled at me for going straight to black in one of my older pieces.  that kind of broke my heart haha.

i just noticed that i have no idea where this rant is going.  so it's stopping.  right now.
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I GAVE IN.  damn risd kids made me feel left out.  thanks :P
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