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Hair Tutorial

Sorry about the bad tutorial. I did try though. I have finally finished the hair tutorial you guys have asked for! I hope it helps. I decided to use the painting I am currently working on. She should be finished soon :)
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u helped me so much! i really get messy with the hair and now i can try a new way!  thank u so much!!!!
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Which brushes do you use? Like do you use a specific "hair" brush for both blending and colour?

Great tutorial btw :)
CulerMindset's avatar
What about your hand drawn process
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This is a very good tutorial on how to work with blending your colors. I was very interested in your clear notes about it plus the useful pictures. It was very easy to follow unlike some tutorials I've seen.
teresezvinakis's avatar
First step: ok...
Next step: I give up :D
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ArtCrawl's avatar
Really, I thought the tutorial was great cause it's simple and easy to understand.
Thanks for putting it up. :)
SinnerDom's avatar
Great tutorial.
Thank you.
LittleRock34's avatar
oo it's great , no , it's perfect !! :O
cheale's avatar
Wow this is awesome ... thank you for sharing!
LadyBlackKill's avatar
this is soooo good thank you so much >.<
poppers484's avatar
JEL-OU-SY!!! Not Very Good At Painting!!!!
But This Still Helped ALOT!
Zyphergale's avatar
helped so much!
Annapelly's avatar
What program are you using?
JenniferHealy's avatar
Annapelly's avatar
I should try it with gimp :iconmegustaplz:

And btw i love your drawings ^W^
Aiohon12's avatar
thanks I might try this?
kismet2k18's avatar
Wow; what a different way to do hair. I'm definitely going to try this! It's lovely.
ExquisiteIllusions's avatar
No, these are awesome. I just wanna know how you come up with the detailed part of the images. All the little accessories.
SKdrift's avatar
Thank you! This is great, and I really enjoy seeing your process, as well :D
AvartDe's avatar
i love you, its realy helpful.
JenniferHealy's avatar
I'm glad it is! :hug:
AvartDe's avatar
you are indeed a talented. whereas I am a grapich digital designers who want to learn drawing. I wanted to learn a lot a lot to you; D
JenniferHealy's avatar
I have some livestream videos on faces and such if those would help in any way :)
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