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Beauty In the Beast

This scary yet beautiful world of ours

**You may not edit, claim, or recreate my art. Thanks!**
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so incredible!!
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Love this scene and beauty !! Heart 
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If you hadn't noticed yet, I'm InLove with you work.
But this just made me become obsessed.
Prepare to have your uploads stalked.
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Stunning concept and execution!
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** Bellissimo!
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she's got a really amazing body... her skin looks somehow... slimy... but not in a bad way... just a bit wet... or so...

her hair is beautiful, her face looks like  a mad reflection of a nice girl...

the rose itself looks like soft lips, with sharp teeth... i mean like lips with flesh on them.
it's really great!

also those snake-skin-parts... they bring out a breakable touch to it... it's hard to describe the whole beauty in this.
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this is amazing and just stunning
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HA! holy cow, thats surreal. I recently bought Spectrum 19 where this can be found. I guess that sort of speaks for your talent.
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That theme close to me.
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love your art so much <3
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Gostei da arte e a criatividade
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I like that the bits of flower petals are blurred a bit to make them look like they're out of focus or in motion. Its little things like that which really makes it clear that there was a lot of effort put into the painting. The pose of the woman is also noteworthy because it is realistic in its gesture and making a figure look like it has gesture and not like it is stiff is a huge struggle for a lot of artists at any skill level.
The idea of beauty/beast is an interesting concept in general. I like how that was incorporated in little ways too. For example I see that her gloves are lined with teeth (maybe the 'beast' element) but when you look at her face there are pearls coming from her hair and flowers (the beauty element). I'm impressed with that idea and it makes me think about how I would make my own interpretation of the theme, "beauty in the beast".
If I had to give a critique I would say to make the subject (the girl) take up even more of the picture because the space in general around her head and body (especially the upper left hand part?) reads as 'un-used' rather than space that was left blank on purpose, but that is just my impression. I would just experiment with using as much of the canvas as possible, and maybe studying how other artists balance out or make use of the space in their art to get really cool ideas. You know how to do this already though (I figured you would ) because your Victorian Voodoo portrait is a VERY good example of what I'm talking about when it comes to balancing and making use of all of the space in an image. When I look at the Victorian Voodoo submission I instantly think that there is very good balance(there are flowers balanced out nicely on either side of her face, there is just enough activity that it makes the image exciting but at the same time doesn’t distract too much from the main part of the image which is the woman’s face.)
My second critique is that I would emphasize the scary/beast element even more. For example when I first see the girl I should be thinking, “I don’t want to mess with her but gosh is she gorgeous” but right now I’m more thinking, “well, she has some thorns, but she’s still gorgeous so I wouldn’t have nightmares about her”. I could be getting this impression because of the soft colors, because when I see softer colors I get gentle/soft/impressions.
I always wonder how long pieces like this take because sometimes I’ll take aaages to work on something (ages for me is around 12 hours) but it comes nowhere near looking as great as this. So how long this took would probably be my only question for you, but of course I think people always wonder that when they see exceptional artwork.
Anyway thanks for letting me comment. I wish you well \o/
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