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Damage Control Iruka X Reader
       “Hey Iruka, I have a bit of not so great news for you.” You stepped through the door of the large classroom to see Iruka washing down the last traces of today’s lesson on the chalkboard. “Remember how we went to that party a few weeks ago and ended up locked in a closet together?”
Iruka laughed nervously as he tossed his wet, chalky cleaning rag into a nearby bucket. “Y-yeah, I remember that. How could I forget?” The smile on his face quickly faded as he put two and two together. “What's the bad news?” Instead of explaining, you held up one of the many photos Konohamaru had taken during the event. “But we got the camera from him. How did he even?” Iruka stopped mid sentence and sighed. “Where did you find this?”
“They're all over town. I must have passed three dozen just walking here.” You folded up the incriminating picture and placed it in your pocket. “Hinata an
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 249 34
Not Going to Happen Kakashi X Reader
         “Would you let go of me already? It's not like I hurt anyone. I was just having a little fun is all.” Despite all of your struggling, squirming and pleading, Iruka held tightly to your collar without saying so much as a single word. “You really have to learn to loosen up a little. You're treating me like I did something terribly wrong.”As Iruka continued to drag you towards the Hokage building, you spotted Kakashi. In a last ditch effort to get out of trouble, you started yelling for him.
To your surprise, he actually looked up from his book and walked over to you. The angry look on Iruka's face was more than enough to let Kakashi know you'd once again done something stupid. “What did she do this time?
With a  loud, angry snort, Iruka stopped walking and quickly explained the situation. “A certain someone thought it would be funny to put my chalk dust on top of the door to my classroom. She's not even an academy
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 448 15
C is for Cute (Kakashi X Reader) (One-shot)
“Do you think I’m cute, Kakashi-Kun?”
The silver-haired jounin looked up from his book at the sudden question with a questioning expression. The person who asked was nowhere to be seen and he guessed they were still in the front hall. “Why are you asking? You know perfectly well what I think about you, (Name).” Kakashi replied while still keeping his nose in his favourite book.
“Well how about if I had an accident and became horribly disfigured?” you started babbling on random reasons from still in the front hall, “Or if I was kidnapped and forced to wear a hideous outfit?” “What are you going on about? And why aren’t you coming into the living room so we can talk properly?” “Would you still think I’m cute if say, I don’t know, Sakura and Ino suddenly jumped me…led me into your team-mates house and say forcibly dressed me in a ridiculous outfit?”
“Well of course I’d still
:iconkittenkelz:KittenKelz 65 3
Kakashi Hatake X the Readers (Never Say Never)
{Updated on July 2, 2015}
Never Say Never:
"{your first name}-chin, it is your turn, truth or dare, my friend?" Ino Yamanaka-chin said to you, when you walked into her bedroom.
Once you looked at her, you saw that she had a wicked glimmer in her eyes, which matched the twisted grin across her features. You loathed that look because it creped you out and it also meant that your friend was up to something.
You blinked, realizing that it was not just Ino-chin looking straight at you; it was also Sakura-chin and Hinata-chin. All three girls were all sitting in a circle on Ino-chin's floor. You didn't know why they were glancing at you like that. Then, you realized what happened; you were so focused on daydreaming about Kakashi-sensei, that you did not hear a word that your friend said.
"What?" You mutter quietly, puzzlement clearly written all over your face," What do you mean, Ino-chin?"
Ino-chin just rotated her eyes at you, and then sat up from the floor. She made you sit down in the mi
:iconariannanycholjohnson:AriannaNycholJohnson 54 3
Kakashi x Reader: My former rival
~~Kakashi's POV~~
I'm currently at the training grounds with my students Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke thinking about my childhood friend (y/n). Back in the academy we were both rivals and she seemed to hate me. After Obito's and Rin's death I thought she would blame me for it knowing that they were her friends but she never did. She politely asked what happened and listened silently. Then she told me when I needed someone to talk to I could go to her and that was what I did. We got closer and became best friends. We entered the anbu at the same time but she quit before me because she wanted to be a sensei of her own team. When I also quit we were often sent on missions together because we make a good team. For now we won't go on missions together because we both have a team to train. I haven't met her team yet but for all I know they give her a hard time. The girl seems to like to do things on her own and hates working in a team, one of the boys doesn't take (y/n) seriously because she is
:iconserenity93:Serenity93 404 73
Mature content
Kakashi x Reader (LEMON) Under a tree :iconsashi15:Sashi15 24 6
Never Let You Go: A Kakashi x Reader One-Shot
You wake up to the sound of gentle raindrops against the roof and a soft snore next to you. You turn around and see Kakashi asleep facing you. He looks very peaceful in his deep sleep. He must had returned last night when you were asleep. You are glad to see him back after constantly worrying over him during his absence. Carefully, you trace the scar down his left eye with your fingertip and then replace it with your lips. You hear him release a soft sigh, which makes you smile. Feeling you had somehow disturbed his sleep, you plant a kiss on the corner of his mouth before drawing back and turning to your back, facing the ceiling above.
"Why did you stop?" you hear him ask. His voice was husky and deep.
You turn your head to look at him. "I'm sorry for disturbing your sleep," you apologise.
"It's all right," he smiles.
You turn to your side to face him. He gently caresses the side of your face while his ebony eyes are fixed on you. You shudder beneath his soft touch, which you had been
:iconrealh0rrorshow:realh0rrorshow 102 8
Our Little Secret Kakashi X Student!Reader
                “Well,” Kakashi groans, putting his hands behind his hips and stretching, “I’ll have to rent an inn for the night…”
                “WHAT?!” Sakura screams, stomping over to Kakashi, “I, WILL NOT SHARE A ROOM WITH 3 BOYS!!!!!”
                “Sakura calm down.” I lean over and whisper in her ear, “maybe you’ll get to sleep with Sasuke.” I giggle and sarcastically drift away, leaving her to ponder with those thoughts. “But seriously.” I add. “If any of you try something I will break your neck. Sensei, colleague, doesn’t matter who you are.” All of them, well except for Sakura since she knew me well, shivered with fear when I thre
:iconfantagedawn:FantageDawn 222 42
The Moonlight Book (Part: 2)
The Moonlight Book (Part: 2)
:iconariannanycholjohnson:AriannaNycholJohnson 23 9
The Moonlight Book ( Kakashi Hatake X the Reader)
The Moonlight Book ( Kakashi Hatake X the Reader)
I gently shifted in my seat as Tsunade-sama looked straight at me from her desk. Her brown eyes narrowed at me and her hands were neatly placed in her lap. It is her normal and simple position she does whenever she tries not to hit me. Sometimes it even works, like today.
Anyone who walked into this office—even blind—could tell that there was something going on. It was that clear in the air between the fifth hokage and me that something was defiantly going on that was not good.
Two seconds went by.
Four seconds went by.
I start to rub the back of my neck with my right hand. Then I shook my left foot, still watching Tsunade-sama.
Six seconds went by.
"Are we done here, hokage Tsunade-sama?" I questioned, giving her a fake smile.
A second went by of her just gazing at me.
Tsunade-sama stood up from her desk, and then she walked around it. The older female now stood right in front of me. Within an instant, she leaned in and put
:iconariannanycholjohnson:AriannaNycholJohnson 126 13
Mature content
Kakashi x Reader IV 'It was you' [FINAL] :iconyabre12:yabre12 317 268
Kakashi x Reader III 'It was you'
As soon as you finished packing you grabbed your things, locked your door and started jumping from rooftop to rooftop eager to meet your masked partner. When you got to the gate you were once again surprised to see your partner already leaning against the gate waiting for you, the first rays of the moon cascading on his figure
‘Boy did I hit the jackpot!’
you giggled slightly and landed in front of him with a smile
“Hi Kakashi” He looked at you without moving from his place, you could tell he was smirking behind his mask
“Well you seem pretty happy tonight” You rolled your eyes
“Guess I had a good day”
“Really? Are you sure it doesn’t have anything to do with, I don’t know… Dating the super-hot copy ninja?”
“Yea- Aw crap you heard me?!” Your cheeks turned a light red while he chuckled amused
“Guess you should have made sure I was gone before celebrating huh?” You glared at him
:iconyabre12:yabre12 402 39
Kakashi x Reader II 'It was you'
“Woohoo!!!” you screamed from the top of your lungs as you jumped from rooftop to rooftop, searching for a certain silver haired ninja that had to pay up his bet. You somehow ended up in front of the academy; school had ended for the day so the only ones there were the teachers
“Hmmm… Maybe Iruka-Sensei knows where Kakashi is” You went inside and searched for your old sensei’s classroom, once there you knocked gently on the door and waited to hear the phrase ‘Come in’ leave Iruka’s mouth before entering. Once inside you were greeted by the sight of him grading papers, exhaustion written all over his face but with a smile that said ‘It’s worth it’.
“Hi Iruka-Sensei” He looked at you and a bright smile decorated his features.
“Oh ______! It’s good to see you, how did the jonin test go?” You giggled a bit as you approached his desk
“I don’t know Iruka-Sensei, you tell me
:iconyabre12:yabre12 384 16
Kakashi x Reader It was you
You sat in a tree in the training grounds admiring the beautiful night sky, which tonight was decorated with more stars than any other night you had seen before. The soft moonlight cascaded down your skin as you sighed, releasing part of the stress that came with tomorrow’s events. Tomorrow you would take the test to become a full-fledged jonin but you were really nervous to say the least. Although you were confident in your skills and abilities, doubt still was able to invade your mind.
“What if I’m not cut out for this?” you asked yourself
“I’m barely 20 and sure Lady Hokage recommended me but…” You sighed “Maybe she was mistaken”
“I don’t think so Lady Hokage is almost never wrong” You knew that voice well
“Hmp! Kakashi- sensei didn’t anyone tell you it wrong to spy on your comrades?” The man who was two trees behind you came over and sat next to you.
“I was worried about you and we
:iconyabre12:yabre12 809 82
Sherlock Chatroom (x Reader) - 4
(y/n) has logged on.
(y/n) has started a chatroom.
Sherlock has logged on.
John has logged on.
Mycroft has logged on.
Mary has logged on.
Lestrade has logged on.
Sherlock: Hello, John, Mary, Mycroft, (y/n), Graham.
John: ...Graham?
Lestrade: It's not Graham, how hard is it to remember my name?!
Mycroft: Sorry, George, my brother is an idiot.
Lestrade: IT'S GREG, DAMMIT!
Mycroft: Oh.
Moriarty has logged on.
Sherlock: Okay, who invited HIM?!
(y/n): I did.
John: WHY?!
(y/n): He's interesting.
Lestrade: He's a criminal mastermind!
(y/n): Like I said - interesting.
John: *facepalm*
(y/n): Plus we both love The Lion King.
Moriarty: Hakuna Matata!
(y/n): *fist bump*
Moriarty: *returns fist bump*
John: What the heck...?
(y/n): Jim do you want some tea?
Moriarty: Sure
(y/n): Here
Moriarty: thanks!
John: Wait - IS HE AT YOUR FLAT?!
(y/n): Maybe... why?
(y/n): I can make my own decisions!
John: Not when I'm your older brother, you can't! Now make him leave!
:iconsimplyelementary:SimplyElementary 100 22
Sherlock x Reader : Grey
When you opened the door to 221B Baker Street you did not expect to be assaulted by the wafting fumes from the pipe of Sherlock Holmes. Entering the flat you saw the tall man leaning by the window, gazing out with hazy eyes. Watching with worried eyes, you saw Sherlock slump against the window forcing his pipe to knock against his teeth. You rapped your knuckles on the thick wooden door and Sherlock turned to you slower than a slug. He acknowledged you by blinking his glazed eyes and then turned back to the window with no more speed than before. You were used to this, Sherlock’s depression. John had mentioned in letters how frequent his bouts of melancholy were, but when you moved to London he mentioned how they were progressively becoming less frequent. This caused you to, unhealthily, take Sherlock’s happiness and take responsibility for it. Ever since you met the amazing man through your brother, John, you had a soft spot for him. Seeing the amazing, brilliant man so hel
:iconia-loves-art:Ia-Loves-Art 105 28




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