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Brothers by JenniferBee Brothers by JenniferBee
Say hey to Gabe and Eric! Hi!  Here's a little bit of info on these two dorks. As seen by the title, they are brothers. Gabe (left) is two years older than Eric(opposite of left lol).  They went through training together and both became Spartans.
    Gabe is quiet, responsible, incredibly patient, and kind. He is always willing to help anyone and listens. He's reliable, intelligent, and an excellent leader. Basically a total sweetheart. 
     Eric is charming and reckless. He is sarcastic and he tries to be cool but loves having fun and making lame jokes too much for it to work for him. He's just as smart as Gabe, but doesn't normally show it, choosing to be carefree instead of studious. He tends to show off (because he wants to be accepted/liked. He's insecure and lonely, but will never admit that). Eric is very outgoing for the people he cares about. When its important, Eric can be very serious and responsible, but the rest of the time, he's off causing mischief.
    Eric got them in a bit of trouble during training for being late, making jokes, pranks, overall recklessness, and any other form of shenanigans he could get himself into(including making bets and playing chicken with some ODSTs using the warthogs). Gabe, being the responsible big brother, always took part of the blame because he wouldn't let Eric be foolish all by himself. Gabe always worried that Eric would get himself hurt and tried to watch out for him. They made it through though, and became partners. 
    Gabe died on one of their early missions saving Eric, who barely made it off the covenant ship alive. Eric blames himself for Gabes death, because he underestimated a group if elites, who he dove in to fight off by himself instead of waiting for Gabe. 
    Jenn is similar to Gabe in that she's brave but cautious and takes takes everything as her personal responsibility, even the things she can't prevent. It's why Eric and her eventually learn to get along, because she reminds him of Gabe.
    Both Gabe and Eric have similar dark blond/brown hair. Eric has green eyes, while Gabe's heterochromia gives him a green eye and a blue
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:la: love gabe
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