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Rainbow Dash With A Ponytail

Привет Нинусик из личных дневников! :D

Pony with a ponytails series:…
MLP icon - Pinkie Pie by Umberon9
MLP icon - Rarity by Umberon9
MLP icon - Rainbow Dash by Umberon9 [you're here]
MLP icon - Fluttershy by Umberon9
MLP icon - Applejack by Umberon9
MLP icon - Twilight Sparkle by Umberon9
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i see what you did there XD
you copied and pasted (recolored too) her tail as a ponytail lol ;-;
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she looks like a soccer player
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Well made! Do you mind if I use this in my story? You'll be credited for it, of course.:)
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I'm surprised the show designers didn't do this, it looks just right for her!
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IKR?! She would totally rock it!
Well she is an athlete, the stuff get's in the way all loose.
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Aye, she could have worn it in her episodes where she coaches or where she flew with the Young Fliers Competition. It would've suited her good.
Yeah, it just gets in the way otherwise.
I love this so much! I don't really know why!
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Gotta favorite, this is too adorable!
OMG, it's soooo cool! At our school everygirl makes ponytail at PE lessons and they look exactly like this picture.
May i use this hairstyle for creating my OC, plizplizplizplizpliiiiiz?
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Idk what to think about this... It looks cool, but if u did not read the title I'd think it was an animation error. Still it's pretty dope
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The thought of mlp characters with ponytails never crossed my mind. XD
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Cadance had one during the fillysitting days, so the style is canon at least.
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Rainbow is right cutie with that ponytail! :D
In some ways this makes more sense, it's more out of the way for an active one like her.
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HipsteRainbow Dash.
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Hi Five Hi Five Hi Five Peridot Sprite - Why aren't you praising me? Peridot Sprite - Why aren't you praising me? Hi Five Hi Five Hi Five 
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Awww.... she looks so cute with a ponytail!
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