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Pinkie Pie With A Pigtail


Pony with a ponytails series: [link]
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Correct you its pigtails, not pigtail (not to be rude or anything
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Thank you for help! I'm not offended when someone correcting my english. This helps me get better :D
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this is second cutest ponytail pony. First place is Derpy Hooves!!!Silly Derpy GIF *F2U* 
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Hey, someone traced your art and gave no credit.

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Someone stole your Art
I think there's other your art too in her gallery, you should check it.
This is great! Would you mind if I used it as the subject for my first study with oil paints?
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How could Pinkie get cuter? This blows my mind!
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Pigtails fit Pinkie far more than a ponytail X3 So true. :D
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I found this on another site xD
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Hi there,I used your vector here [link]

Thank you so much^^
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You're welcome. I like it!
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So flippin' cute!
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Your are awesome! Just letting you know I love the Ponytail you do. So cute! :)
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A new hairstyle for Season 4 perhaps?
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Wonderful job! :) Now, as my request, can you make a picture of her in higher pigtails wearing her Necklace of Laughter?
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ist just the craziness X2
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