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Mad Applejack

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used here:…
this is a REALLY good vector!
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Used your vector in a video and gave credit in the description.
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Used this and the Macintosh vector titled "Wheat" here.
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Aaaaaah! So cool! I'm a huge fan of Mass Effect! :D
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And if you haven't already, I suggest reading the fanfic that this is based off of. I quite like it, personally.
xXSomeRandomDudeXx's avatar
This is awesome! T+Do you mind if I make it into a base? I will credit you =]
JennieOo's avatar
Sure. I don't mind :3
xXSomeRandomDudeXx's avatar
Thank you! Want me to link back when I upload it?
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that picture helped me a lot [link] :)
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A rare sight for AJ (or any pony, with the exception for Twilight maybe ^^') to get angry.
Nicely captured.
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P.S. where are her freckles though? ;P
forgot the freckles
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U mad Apple- *gets bucked in the face*
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Angry AJ is angry !
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Applejack: "Them's fightin' words!"
nurgledisciple14's avatar
"Oh I'm sorry, sorry that your friend Rainbow Dash was only able to land one hit before being completely overwhelmed by my minions. You want her? Come and get her hick."

*Teleports away*
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whos she mad about this time
stratusxh's avatar
Very nice work :)
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