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Playing with Nemion tonight.

Starting to focus all the skills I've developed over the past decade writing and drawing graphic novels, and composing, producing, and recording music into motion picture making.

About half way through Chapter 5 of the third Planet Aeruen/Enrod The Clockman graphic novel, Droid Soldiers.

Have seven tracks recorded and pre-mixed for the upcoming Nemion album: Guns, Robots, and Talking Animals.

Saw the Austin Film Society screening of Machete Kills last night and it was brilliantly hilarious.  Rodriguez shot that flick in 29 days, and he managed to get quite a treat for audiences made in such a short amount of time.  Randomly met one of the guys who mixed the sound for the film, as well as a cool angel/venture capitalist dude later at the after party.
  • Listening to: KC Kahuna
  • Reading: Chapter House Dune
  • Watching: Machete Kills, Youtube
  • Playing: keyboards
  • Eating: Homemade chicken soup
  • Drinking: water
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