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Before the flurry of fur begins, pick out the hooves
oh the neat piles of dirt – on the ground and your pants!
At least horsie isn't playing the hoof-anchoring game,
eliciting rants – a fight you're rather not choose

Round and round goes currycomb
as bits of fur loosen, enough to drown a small rat
and now in the comb, look you have a fur mat!
while hair and dust roam away from home

Swish and flick! goes the dandy
as with each sweep and flick the fur flies
soaring onto you and into your mouth and eyes
oh how that vacuum-cleaner would be handy!

Swish- swish - swish, scrape! goes the body brush
fur and dirt cascading in a furry flurry   
almost adding more fur as you scrape the still-furry curry
luckily horsie isn't in a rush, lazily dreaming of grass so lush

Tufts of fur fall in a fur-storm as you scrape with the shedding blade,
oh look at the little furry mustaches and beards you've helped made!

Now fix up that mane and tail and the horse
looks so smart, so sparkly clean and glimmering
while you are encased in a furry-dirt-dust covering
on your once-clean clothes (opposite to the horse's colour, of course)
Oh, won't your anti-animal mother would be so proud!
(you'd swear, she thought t'was what the law shouldn't allow!)

Minutes later, free to roam, your horsie paws the ground
and then soon sideways and upside-down
rolling over, getting back up, shaking, riddled with dirt
– to say "THANK-YOU" for all your hard work!
Written March 2006. Edited slightly 2009.

Inspired after grooming Dory - a light palomino mega shedder! (Of course on my dark clothes). It was kind of inspired from real events...well, aside from the last part because frankly, I thought it would be funny (and it rhymed!).
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