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Once you built fortresses out of sheets
turned the room into a kingdom
created houses within the playground
and made castles out of tables
you were a queen, a princess, a magical creature
or anything you can possibly imagine

But the fortresses you've built have long since
disintegrated to dust, scattered into the wind
and left you out in the cold

Once you would pretend
that broken beaded necklaces were magical snakes
that invisible household things were real
that a massive fan was a monster
that stuffed animals were fellow friends
and you knew your place

But knowledge and time has tainted
your world of fantasy and
pushed you into the real world, lost

Once you were a child, full of innocence
and the future did not matter
being so far, far, far away
you lived for today and everything
was straightforward, carefree
and grown-up stuff did not matter

But time has passed and finally come,
with all the tribulations and complications
streaming down in drenching raindrops

Once you had a dream you believed achievable
and you were convinced that it will happen one day
dismissing the naysayers, because you did not
know the harsh reality of the world, for you
were trapped between the covers of fairytales
where dreams always came true

But then the winds of reality came
the fire of your dreams reduced to flames
as the breeze rages against the burning light

Once the world was warm and bright
but now all you feel and see is the cold night,
long evicted of your fortresses of sheets,
and wandering out only to find that the
bright world of imagination and innocence
has turned dark, cold, crude and without direction
as the cold, chilling rain seeps through your skin
with the warm fire of your dreams slowly dying
flame weakening, dimming a little each day

So here you are
cold, wet and so lost
as you wander blindly into the darkness
Written approx Nov 2007 I think. As you may notice this really is about the loss of childhood naiveness when you thought anything was possible and the realization that it is not.

A few lines were inspired by other bits of verse including the song "A Place for Us" from Bridge to Terabithia (2007)

One stanza rewritten 2009.
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September 2, 2012
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