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All of Us Dreamers by jennego All of Us Dreamers :iconjennego:jennego 0 0 Purple Pony by jennego Purple Pony :iconjennego:jennego 0 0 Jennego by jennego Jennego :iconjennego:jennego 0 0 Purple Horse Portrait by jennego Purple Horse Portrait :iconjennego:jennego 0 0
The world is imploding
collapsing, falling on itself
the weight too heavy to bear
Fairness falls into greed
its spectre of wealth
all too alluring
Harmony tumbles into destruction
destroying the planet, societies
and ourselves
Love trips into hate
cupid arrows transform to gunshots -
missiles, bombs for reasons no one could remember
Understanding blurs into ignorance
from what other people have said
even though its only speculation
We dream of the stars, distinct galaxies
as if it could save the rainforests, oceans,
disappearing species all over the globe
as if it could stop the violence, greed
and corruption that stifles so many
as we desperately hope that
we can save ourselves from ourselves
before it’s too late
The world is imploding,
everything collapsing into itself
as we pretend that it’s not happening
try to believe that everything is alright
but it’s not.
:iconjennego:jennego 0 0
Does anyone mean as they mean?
Maybe some things are really as they seem
but you keep looking for hidden meanings
desperate to see things other than they are
You’re not happy here, are you?
(Fabled fantasies, faded photographs, fear of failure
shedded tears, silly lists, shredded papers
you pack it all up and carry it as you wander on
creeping darkness to concrete)
Would you run into orbit if you can?
You run and try to fly but no one gives you a hand
it’s not that there’s no one there it’s just that there’s
no one who understands
Still, you take a step and blast away
climb the sky and pace around the planet
what did the moon say?
what did the stars say?
the day you became a satellite
(They said little but smiled
in the way that moons and stars
can smile to you
reflecting, radiating light so amazing
your eyes in awe at such a sight)
You’re still running around alone in circles but
now you can see the world that you were supposedly from
a blu
:iconjennego:jennego 0 0
Unicorn Ghost (very quick sketch) by jennego Unicorn Ghost (very quick sketch) :iconjennego:jennego 0 0 Purple Sheep by jennego Purple Sheep :iconjennego:jennego 2 1 Scribbles by jennego Scribbles :iconjennego:jennego 0 0
The Furry Flurries of Spring
Before the flurry of fur begins, pick out the hooves
oh the neat piles of dirt – on the ground and your pants!
At least horsie isn't playing the hoof-anchoring game,
eliciting rants – a fight you're rather not choose
Round and round goes currycomb
as bits of fur loosen, enough to drown a small rat
and now in the comb, look you have a fur mat!
while hair and dust roam away from home
Swish and flick! goes the dandy
as with each sweep and flick the fur flies
soaring onto you and into your mouth and eyes
oh how that vacuum-cleaner would be handy!
Swish- swish - swish, scrape! goes the body brush
fur and dirt cascading in a furry flurry   
almost adding more fur as you scrape the still-furry curry
luckily horsie isn't in a rush, lazily dreaming of grass so lush
Tufts of fur fall in a fur-storm as you scrape with the shedding blade,
oh look at the little furry mustaches and beards you've helped made!
Now fix up that mane and tail and the horse
looks so smart, so spar
:iconjennego:jennego 0 0
The Mechanic
Now there was this mechanic
Who seemed to be a manic
With some odd, ambiguous auto part
The way he's acting, you'll think it was an art
Loves to hear the motors drone
With a fleet of vehicles back home
Yet he doesn't have one to drive
'Cause none of his cruisin' cars are alive
Walking around, clothes all gross and oily
Guess he thinks that most cars are holy.
All that fuss just to screw in some bolt
Better hope your piece of metal doesn't revolt
But that's okay, he'll fix it too
Drops the change into his coveralls, that'll do
Only a few minutes of actual labour
How well it works? Better say a prayer
Goes around in some a old-clunker
Though the town, almost requiring petal-power
Forget the lovely ocean, mountains and trees
He'll rather speed around that track, please
Spends more time in the garage then home
No clean clothes in sight, as a car gleams its chrome
Loves the roar of imitated horsepower
Gladly he'll tell you all those miles he went in an hour.
But back to his occupation
:iconjennego:jennego 0 0
Once You Had a Dream
Once you built fortresses out of sheets
turned the room into a kingdom
created houses within the playground
and made castles out of tables
you were a queen, a princess, a magical creature
or anything you can possibly imagine
But the fortresses you've built have long since
disintegrated to dust, scattered into the wind
and left you out in the cold
Once you would pretend
that broken beaded necklaces were magical snakes
that invisible household things were real
that a massive fan was a monster
that stuffed animals were fellow friends
and you knew your place
But knowledge and time has tainted
your world of fantasy and
pushed you into the real world, lost
Once you were a child, full of innocence
and the future did not matter
being so far, far, far away
you lived for today and everything
was straightforward, carefree
and grown-up stuff did not matter
But time has passed and finally come,
with all the tribulations and complications
streaming down in drenching raindrops
Once you had a dream yo
:iconjennego:jennego 0 0
With Glowing Hearts - Horse by jennego With Glowing Hearts - Horse :iconjennego:jennego 1 0 Unicorn Foal on a Starry Night by jennego Unicorn Foal on a Starry Night :iconjennego:jennego 0 0 Gray Horse Portrait by jennego Gray Horse Portrait :iconjennego:jennego 0 0 Bay Horse Head by jennego Bay Horse Head :iconjennego:jennego 0 0

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Jennifer C.
I have an interest in the digital arts/multimedia, writing (poetry + creative non-fiction prose) and web design.

Since an early age I've been interested in art but I took a little break for awhile. I have done traditional art in the past but really anymore. I used to do more digital art/multimedia but I don't really have a computer capable of that right now.

I currently write poetry and creative non-fiction (mostly on my blog, I will post some older poems here though) and design/code the odd website (my own, usually).

I'm currently completing a BA in English (and minor in History). I also have some training in web design and can code in HTML and CSS.

I like horses but can't afford one. I do ride, however (just once per week).

I blog at

My secondary webpage is

I also do some basic animation but I'm too lazy to post them here since you apparently need a preview image