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What's Up, Sunset?

I'm sure some of you might be able to guess the reference ;)

For those who may not know yet, I'm moving out west! I've never lived outside of my home state before and while it sounds like a scary thought, I'm actually really excited. I know in the long run, this is going to be good for me. I look forward to growing and advancing as a person, and in so doing, I'll discover new and exciting things about myself and what I'm capable of that I wouldn't otherwise know if I just stayed put here.

On top of that, I can't wait to see what opportunities lie ahead. Like Sunset, sometimes you just have to escape to the unknown and take that leap of faith..

I wanted to create something inspirational not just for me, but for those who may be hesitating on taking that next step towards discovering who you're really meant to be in life.

Anyway, I'll be on the down low til about December. Then it's go time towards more art and expanding my hustle ♥ I'm moving from the oceanside to the desert, and though I'll miss the beaches, I won't miss the humidity LoL Besides, fire is my element and in it, my passion, inspiration and zest for new beginnings and challenges will be forged.

My past is not today...

Sunset Shimmer EqG (transformation) plz

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"What's Up, Danger?" (Spiderman "Into the Spiderverse" OST - Blackway & Black Caviar, Daniel Pemberton)
"Sun" (Carbon Maestro)
"Transformation" (Brother Bear OST - Mark Mancina w/
the Bulgarian Women's Choir)
"Rise Like A Phoenix" (Elsie Lovelock/Conchita Wurst)
"Sun of the Night" (Jyc Row/Felicia Farerre)

Sunset Shimmer © Hasbro
Art © :iconjenndylyon: (i.e. myself)
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Thanks for the inspiring poster, I kinda need something uplifting (haha see what I did th— nvm) right now! Wishing you a smooth & safe trip/move west!

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Thank you, love! :glomp::heart: It was a lot of fun!

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Imagine this happen in 3rd season of Equestria Girls in Into The Spider-Verse style. X-D

JeNnDyLyOn's avatar

Yay! You got the reference! :boogie:

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This was exactly what I needed to see and read!

Thank you!!! And Good luck!!!! :heart:

Time to move forward. :D

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Definitely! Thank you for your support and the kind words! Glad to see it's inspired you as well ♥

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Very nicely done, great piece, I wish you luck.

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Much appreciated - thank you so much! ♥

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Good luck guuurl!!! <3 Lovely piece as well!

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Thank yoouuu, Wub! ♥

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