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Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year :santa:Enjoying the Fireworks - NaNoEmo Day 7 

Finished a spur-of-the-moment piece I started last night. I didn't have time to draw any holiday-themed pictures last month, so here's a belated one.

Art / Turquesa © me aka :iconjenndylyon:


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This is very interesting so far!

Though admittedly, I had thought there would be more by this point. With the song being uploaded towards the end of 2015, yet it seems you are still in the prologue? Still, I can wait. Now that I decided to check this out, I just have to keep an eye on this.

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Hiya @Fellmoon Just wanted to let you know that I've (finally) uploaded a new page here:

Siren and the Seamare (Prologue, Pg. 14)

Thanks so much for your patience and for believing in the story as well as myself :hug:

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Hiya Fellmoon :wave: Firstly, thanks for the :+fav: and for finding this. I really wish I had more time to devote to this story. As it is, I can only work on it when I have time between work and real life stuff. At the moment, I'm trying not to stress as I have to find a new place to live in less than a month. The next page is nearly finished though. So I'm going to try my darndest to get it done before I pack my computer and move onto my next home.

I'm sorry that it's taken a while to get the story going. But I'm super happy that you've found it and truly do appreciate that you're choosing to stick with me ^^

Thanks for the comment, and I'll try to do better with keeping it up to date.
Sorry I'm so late commenting, and belated happy New Year! The 3-D effect here is beautiful, Turquesa looks like she's literally encased in that globe in real world. Cute concept too, though I'm sure she appreciates being a holiday decoration on a table. :lol: Great job once again. :thumbs-up:
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D'aww, thanks Rob! :hug:
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Still wondering how she got inside.
"Do Not Shake; Unhappy Seamare Inside."
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She might get a little more perturbed ^^;
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Okay that's cute...I almost forgot for a second that's a very vicious (if not misunderstood) seapony in there.

I'm known for not having the best detail so one thing that stands out to me is the contrast between Turquesa and the snowglobe. Forgive me but I don't know art enough to properly convey what the slight blur effect you used on the snowglobe and the glass around the snowglobe; even the reflected colours (excellent work here btw) have these effects. However, Turquesa is free of this to let her cuteness present itself, front and centre! That's really interesting and I really appreciate what you did here. 

Speaking of her, I have left notes on her before but something here is that she almost looks slightly happy. Maybe it's the season. 

Also the festive decorations really give it the mood. I don't mind this being late, it throws me back to the Christmas season. Nice work, JeNn! 

P.S: I'm a little sorry my thoughts are a bit scattered, I'm suffering from a fever right now. I really do like it! That I'm very certain of.

Happy belated Christmas and have a great year :)
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Hi Wolf! Thank you so much - I'm glad you find this cute as well. It just came to mind one day and I had to do it. And remember, she's a seamare - NOT a seapony ;)

Hey, no worries! You don't need to know the whole artistic dictionary to convey your thoughts, so you did just fine ♥ Thank you for noticing the details, esp the reflections as I did my best to get it just right (for me anyway).

Hehe Not sure how happy she is to be inside of a sphere, but I figured since it's a seasonal pic, a little partial smile was in order ;)

Whoo! Holiday pictures are great any time of the year IMO!

As always, I appreciate your thoughts and am very happy you stopped by! Hope you feel better, happy belated Christmas and new year to you too :hug:
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Happy New Year! And adorable art piece.
I don't think Turquesa is very happy to be trapped in a snowglobe. XD
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Happy New Year to you too, Aeon ^^ And thanks :) I think she looks somewhat resolved.
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Thank you! :hug:
She actually does :)
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Oh no, get her out of their . . she is too cute :)
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AHHH Thats so cute!!! :D 
JeNnDyLyOn's avatar
Thanks Wub! :hug: It was some rando idea I had yesterday, so I decided to draw it!
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