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This Is Good Shit, ft. Neco the Sergal

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Character  Neco the Sergal
Haven't been sleeping well. Which means that I come up with weird ideas and stay up watching rando stuff.

Came across a Youtube channel with a Let's Player who isn't annoying! He is Neco the Sergal, and you should drop what you're doing and check out one of his vids. Good stuff, and he likes coffee, which is also good :nod: You know, I thought a sergal was a real life creature, like some sort of weasel...until I looked up what it was. Yeah. Floofy shark.

If you can't already tell, this is a parody of the "This Is Fine" meme, but with Neco enjoying his good coffee while being stalked by creatures from some of the games he's played [a 1/2 jaguar 1/2 woman thing from Dismantled (minus the boobs for two big obvious reasons), a spider from a game called....Spiders, and the Crow Monger (CrowMauler?) from Fear and Hunger]. As for whose head is on the wall, that's Mr. Ratburp, and the pizza box is a reference to another game Neco's played called No Delivery.

Lastly, these are the tracks/music I listened to while making this:

Dog Ending Theme (Silent Hill 2)

Cartoon Planet Bar-B-Que

Warning: When you're bored, tired and inspired at the same time, you create stuff like this :D I regret nothing.

That being said, I'm off to bed.

Hey. I rhymed :la:

Neco the Sergal © Neco the Sergal
Artwork © :iconjenndylyon: (aka myself)

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That's what i say when I watch Youtube and drink coffee. :lol: