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Siren and the Seamare (Prologue, Pg. 14)

Character  Dazzlings

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Siren and the Seamare (Prologue, Pg. 13) by JeNnDyLyOn

After a long hiatus, the story is continuing :flirty: Hoping to come up with some sort of schedule where I can create more pages. I'll be revisiting this to clean and tidy it up some. In the meantime, enjoy the next page!

Aria Blaze / Sonata Dusk / Adagio Dazzle / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls © Hasbro

Siren and the Seamare
story & artwork © myself (:iconjenndylyon:)

As always, if you're interested in helping to keep this comic going in exchange for some cool stuff, feel free to pop in and visit my Patreon here  :) (Smile) Hope you find something you like ♥

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i wish this continues, I really like reading or seeing a more darker tone than the official (well obvi the official is more aimed towards children) But sometimes I really want them to make a my little pony reboot that aim for mature audiences

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I'll be making a new comic page very soon ;) I appreciate the support and interest in the darker tone.

Zo how long has zis comic book been dead?

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good job on the comics. i like this better than the movie.

Agreed. The movie was so bad that the only good parts were the Sirens.

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Hot F%$$@ damn Adagio is HOT in this one!!! Vacation???!!! ;p

What have you got against vacations, Adagio?

Okay, I suppose you don't really have anything to take a vacation from. It's not like you work, right?

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Yay, another page :D welcome back!

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Okay, DeviantArt deleted a comment I put that was probably too long for anyone's good.

I love this dangerous tone conveyed through the whole page. Something like that takes some serious consideration and talent to make such a simple scene (the lack of...well, probably painful, pointy things situated within reach for Adagio) yet feel so dangerous. I would hate to be Aria right now! She initially starts off as "Oh, great! You're back," to a "Oh horseapples, you're back...and you don't look like you're in the mood for sisterly love..." Great work on the expressions! Adagio looks seriously concerned (for Adagio) in the 2nd panel, and seriously concerned (for herself) in the last one.

...and the sheer danger and tension conveyed from the sole two sentences Adagio spoke out loud. This is probably the point Aria hoped Adagio had stayed in the dark and let her go to sleep.

If I were to be completely honest I forgot where the moon was shining but hey, I really love how you did the lighting and shading (or whatever the art-term for that is). While present throughout, it's most obvious in the first panel, where the light hits Adagio's right side. Every single shade is accounted for and it shows serious effort into keeping that in mind.

On the story side of things, I'm really interested to find out where Adagio has been. Their previous conversation centered around where the magic was coming from, obtaining that information, and transport (which Adagio was the only one to successfully get a car).

I definitely look forward to where this goes! While I apologize for making a post probably twice as long (if I'm lucky) to what I originally intended to write, I eagerly await for the next page. Great work!

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This looks very interesting you have earned my watch.

I just started reading this from the begging to this new page. Looks like an interesting story and hope to see more. Also excellent artwork.

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Mr burns Excellent Nice to see this back in my watch list.

I can see and feel the tension.

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Glad to see you doing this comic again Jen!

Welcome Back and we can't wait to see more! *hugs*

JeNnDyLyOn's avatar

Thank you, General! That means a lot :hug:

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Nice to see this going again.

Welcome back

JeNnDyLyOn's avatar

Thank you @Theyellowcoat ! Much appreciated :hug:

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Glad this is back. Can't wait for more.

JeNnDyLyOn's avatar

Thank you for following the story @rds98 ! It means a lot!

Looks like Adagio snuck in! Be happy you're home, Dagi. Sonata's missed you so much, you're on milk cartons.

Good work, Jenn. I know how long all that Siren hair takes you and you do it so well. :D

JeNnDyLyOn's avatar

Haha! Yes, better than Adagio returns now than later ^^; Thanks so much, Norm, and I appreciate you watching the stream! :hug:

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