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FIMFiction CoverArt Commish: Sunny Side Down

My friend Norm writes some pretty delicious and fun stuff over at FIMFiction - it's how we became friends! As part of his entry into the "Sunset Shipping: Breakups" contest, he asked to commission some coverart for his Aria x Sunset story, and being the Aria/Sirens/Dazzlings enthusiast that I am, I was more than happy to oblige ;) Aria Blaze Nothing Can Stop Us Now! Emoticon. 

What's Norm got up his sleeves for these two? Check out his story "Sunny Side-Down" HERE! Sunset x Aria PLZ 

I was so excited to do this, that it only took me an evening to get the overall design down, and then the weekend to color and render it all ♥ I followed part of Norm's description, but winged a lot of it on my own, even adding many of my own little easter eggs! Can you spot any? Let me know in the comments what you find :D And no, the DA watermark isn't an easter egg, so don't even try it, smartasses LOL! :D

This was my first time doing full-on graffiti art like this, and I've got to say, it was a blast :boogie: Might offer this as a commission option in the future. I'm also thinking of selling prints or posters of the actual mural graffiti art itself. Let me know if it's something you'd be interested in!

For now, I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did in making it :D

Aria Blaze/Sunset Shimmer/Equestria Girls/My Little Pony © Hasbro
Artwork © :iconjenndylyon: ( aka me/myself/I )
"Sunny Side-Down" FIMFic Story
© Norm-de-Plume
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I'm sure you'll find something you like ♥

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Beautiful 💜🧡
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This is neat. Totally looks like a spray-painted mural on a brick wall. Aria's siren form over her head is nice. Easter eggs? I'll admit, sometimes I stink at finding them. I notice a hat on Sunset? I know I got to be missing something. :doh: But regardless, great damn job. it's beautiful. Now I can't explain it, but there is a somberness about it, which I bet reflects the story, which I will read, but in a neat way that's very subtle. :clap:
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Hmm I suppose the hat might be one? Apparently, in the shorts, Sunset has an alternate ego named Flanksky..Flanksy (?) something like that LoL And she wears a hat, so there's a scene in Norm's fic where she's under that disguise. And yes, that moment is pretty somber. But don't take my word for it! READ THE FIC! :D ♥ Thank you so much, btw! ♥ Always appreciate your support and awesome comments :hug:
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I don't follow MLP, but I appreciate this whole artwork nonetheless. :omfg:
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Heyaa Sharky! Long time, no speak! And thank yoouuu - glad you like it ♥
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Yeeees, I LIIIIVE! Mushu I LIVEE *cough!*
You're welcome. The colours and composition in this one screamed "#aesthetic" to me. :heart:
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Thank you so much! :hug:
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It must be pretty beautiful to use as a computer wallpaper :D
JeNnDyLyOn's avatar
It must ;) Thanks!
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Thank yoooou ♥
<Adagio> Where's my mural?

<Aria> They're just waiting for the construction company to add another storey so they can fit all your hair on it.

<Sonata> Ohhhhhhh snap! rofl 
JeNnDyLyOn's avatar
Duuude, I already planned on doing the other 2 :D This was too much fun.

Also, LoLz!
Thank you ever so much for putting this together. :D  I love the details you thought of that I couldn't begin to.

Watching you colour this over the weekend was quite the experience!
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Oh please, it's Aria! How could I not? ;) Thanks for commissioning something that was not only fun, but different! I couldn't stop :D Best of luck with the contest! I'm rooting for ya :hooray:
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