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Twi'lek Pinup - Jabba's Palace

Twi'lek .... Jabba's Palace version :)

My other 'bad girl' Star Wars Pinups...

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Jabba you lucky bastard & She got a hookah damn lucky mutha f**ka
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What do you use to make these pictures? I'm sorry I am new but I want to be able to do pictures like these as well but can't catch a break on it.
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Hiya! :) I use Photoshop CS3 and a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. It's all about the blending, shading, and highlights. ;)
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Thank you for answering, I have Paint Shop Pro 13 I don't know if that would be able to allow me the opportunity to make art like yours.
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I don't know much about Paint Shop Pro, but there are some good programs out there aside from photoshop. The trick is learning how to use them and creating the visual effect you're going for with them. :) Best of Luck! :)
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Great Work, Just wish I could view it without the watermark. Kinda ruins the whole effect, but I understand why you have it...
Nicely done. Very seductive. Excellent piece of art.
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Why the imperial cog? :/ Other than that, lovely work! <3
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hehe... I've gotten that question a lot... it's because it's part of my set of "Bad Girls" and well... I wanted uniformity... something to tie them all together. ;) Thanks though :D
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Lekkus well done!
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Hutts get all the good ones!
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This is beautiful!!!!!!!
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She is very gorgeous ^^
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Lovely twi'lek character, well done!
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