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Tomb Raider Underworld

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Would could save me except Lara Croft aka JennCroft?
I could easily fall in love with such a lady !!! and do stupid things for show like leaping off cliffs into dark water, walk on my hands in the Gobi desert, cross the Solar System to drink a blackcurrant-rasberry drink at 6 p.m.
Gee! What an impressive blend of intelligence and muscles!
I'm a frog, I'm French and I'm impressed!
Cres-Strawhat-Saiyan's avatar
Great pic. It looks like a Tomb Raider game cover.
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Are you looking for a dude in distress because you can come save me! ;)
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subzeromk84Hobbyist Artist
Such amazing work you are awesome
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KaywestHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow Jenn, you portray Lara Croft so well it always spins my head. First off you're stunning & you have amazing shots, you're my first choice for this character any day. Keep it up +fav Love  
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Thats such a nice compliment, thank you!
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laracroftProfessional Photographer
These comments make me happy.  :D
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Wow, what a shot. The lighting is excellent and your outfit looks great - a perfect close fit with a very snug backpack arrangement. Love the brown and how it looks with your skin tone - i.e. sensational. You look very convincing too, with your pose and expression. Really wish you'd struck a few more poses at this location, on account of the lighting and background. To me it looks like you're just emerging from a cave, is that right? I have another question too. Just above your left gun there's a clip thingy (I'm not sure what the proper word is) dangling from a ring. What's that for?
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I have no idea what that clip is for. That's how it is on the costume in game. I wish we got more shots with this lighting but the lighting equipment kept failing and would only go off every once in a while so this is really the only really good shot we got out of this shoot. And yeah, it is a cave. A huge cave too.
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I'm actually surprised to hear you talk of 'lighting equipment', as the lighting looked so natural that I thought it was natural - something the photographer can take as a compliment. Dang shame about only getting the one really good shot though. Maybe you should return to that spot sometime for a second take!
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No way on the natural light. Not in that cave. We only used one light though, as we did have light coming in from the opening.
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This really looks great! They should ask you for a new movie haha
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Magnificent :-)
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OvFireontheVoidHobbyist Traditional Artist
can I come with u coz u look adventurous
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I'm in love ❤❤❤❤
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Absolutely gorgeous.....
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javidivx Filmographer
buen cosplay , buen modelo,)=
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NotoriousBunnyHobbyist Traditional Artist
where did you get the costumes you have...or did you make them?
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I made them. Lots of blood, sweat and tears.
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It shows. Great job, really.
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NotoriousBunnyHobbyist Traditional Artist
darn lol im not very creative. awesome job tho!
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Great ! One of the best Lara's I think ! I don't know why but i love it :)
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And I love your user icon :D :3
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