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Feel My Heart - Part 13 (Stark!Reader x Pietro)
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P a r t  13
Avengers Tower
America, New York
Tony and Bruce ran around the body Ultron created in the lab.
Instead of destroying it as they had planned, they continued to finish the uploading process. However, they wanted to plant JARVIS inside.
“This framework is not compatible.” Tony informed Bruce while typing commands.
“The genetic coding tower is at 97%.” Bruce replied to him. “You have got to upload that schematic in the next three minutes.”
Tony bit his lip as he was concentrating.
That thing they were about to bring to life would help them to save the world and kill the robot who had hurt his daughter.
Nothing would stop him.
Clint had already contacted him that Steve got (y/n) out of Ultron's grip.
Tony was sweating all over, they'd return any moment.
At any moment, he'd get see
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Losing Hope Was Freedom (LevixReader)
Losing Hope Was
 F r e e d o m

It's dark.
It's always dark.

I've always loved stories.
No matter if it was written in books, whispered to one another quietly; in fear of others eavesdropping the scandalous gossip, bed time adventures, legends, or old tales about the world before its fall.
Lores about an earth, were humans had the luxury of warring against each other; the luxury of living almost carefree lives. A world were rulers were chosen, politic amongst terror and dictatorship.
Even though it had its flaws, I believe it was peaceful in comparison to this.
Above this piece of dirt and stone, which I've been staring at since birth, is the outside world.  A world surrounded by walls in order to protect, to keep any danger that could harm humanity out.
I was told the scent of freshly mown lawn is wonderful.
I want to smell.
But it's always dark.

Maria, Rose, Sina. The names of protection.
Titans. The n
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 17 5
Feel My Heart - Part 12 (Stark!Reader x Pietro)
“I was able to read his mind through the synthetic body. I-I saw that his actual plan is to cause a global catastrophe. To make a new age of Earth's evolution... to kill everyone...”
(y/n) saw how Wanda's hand started to glow red.
Helen beside her took a deep breath as her eyes became normal again, recovering her senses as she got out of the mind control.
She stared at (y/n) and slowly motioned her to go away from the control system of the Cradle.
“I'll make it stop.” Helen mouthed to her.
Ultron turned his head, as if he had sensed something. “There's incoming... the Quinjet. We have to move.”
Pietro shook his head. “We won't do this. Count us out.”
The twins turned around, ready to leave.
“No...” (y/n) whispered and jogged after them. “Wanda... Pietro, please!”
“You're good here. You're a Stark. And a Stark does what a Stark can best: Destroy.” Wanda spit, her eyes almos
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 124 88
Ouchie! (Deadpool x Reader)
Word count: 2.016 (lol)
Warnings: swearing (of course lol)
It was a cold night as you lay snuggled up with your pillows in your bed, kicking the blanket off of your body.
You were trying to fall asleep for hours now.
As an attempt to relax, you rubbed your cheek on your pillow.
And may or may not thinking about someone... in a special situation...
“Peter... oh, Peter...” you whispered while smiling, hiding your face in your pillow.
Frowning, you buried your face deeper into your pillow.
You were on the brink of falling asleep, dammit!
Slowly, you were drifting off again and-
“(y-----/n-----)! Come on, wake up! I need your help!”
“If I'm pretending I'm not here, he'll go away.” you whispered while suppressing a groan.
“Ugh. (y/n)! Stop having sex dreams!”
Your bloodshot eyes cracked open, one of them almost starting to twitch.
Turning red
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 452 58
Feel My Heart - Part 11 (Stark!Reader x Pietro)
Warning! Major Spoilers For The Avengers: Age Of Ultron
P a r t  11
”What a great yield! I am proud of all of us.” Ultron cheered and clapped his hands. “I mean, except the part where the Avengers showed up.”
He looked to (y/n) and smiled at her. “Luckily, we could defeat them.”
(y/n) stared at the ground, her eyes were still swollen from her tears.
The twins were sitting together closely, but at the other side of the jet. Right across from (y/n).
They hadn't talked to her since they've made Hulk going crazy.
“News are saying Banner destroyed half of the city and the Avengers are... absent. What a beautiful day.” Ultron sighed and took a seat beside his stack of Vibranium.
“Why didn't you tell us she's his daughter?” Pietro spit out, giving Ultron a death glare.
The robot tilted his head innocently. “Oh, I thought you already knew.”
Pietro snorted in response and looked out of a window, ignoring (y/n)'s
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 238 156
Feel My Heart - Part 10 (Stark!Reader x Pietro)
Warning! Major Spoilers For The Avengers: Age Of Ultron
You could say this is some sort of mid-season finale, I guess. Yeah, that sounds good.
So... mid-season finale, guys! 3378 words.

Fasten your seatbelt, everyone.
P a r t  10
Salvage Yard
African Coast, Wakanda
“Stay here.” Pietro whispered. “I'm gonna search for the fuse box.”
“Hurry up.” his sister replied. “I don't like this ship.”
He nodded, quickly giving (y/n) a glance.
Frowning, she was looking at Ulysses Klaue's workers.
He could tell that she didn't like this place either.
Pietro turned around and dashed away, leaving Wanda and her back at their hiding place.
Ultron, the twins and (y/n) had traveled to Africa, Wakanda, searching for the strongest metal on earth: Vibranium.
While the robot was waiting outside for his signal, the twins and (y/n) were already infiltrating Klaue's ship.
(y/n) wasn't really talkative since Ultron's threat, much to Pietr
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 149 76
Feel My Heart - Part 9 (Stark!Reader x Pietro)
Warning! Major Spoilers For The Avengers: Age Of Ultron
P a r t  9
(y/n) took a deep breath, staring at the mansion with a quick heartbeat.
“Never been to Malibu, right?”
She turned her head, eyes locking with Phil Coulson who stood beside her.
(y/n) smiled weakly. “No.”
Then her gaze returned to the big mansion in front of her.
She just couldn't believe that she was actually there.
Only a few steps separated her from him.
Phil saw her gulping and took her hand, squeezing it to give her some comfort. “You don't have to be afraid.”
(y/n) started to sweat and tried to just breath out her concern.
“Confronting your father with the fact that you are his child is tough. And we're talking about Tony Stark.”
As she spoke his name, her voice broke.
Phil smiled warmly at her and moved his thumb in circles over the back of her hand. “As soon as he sees you, he'll fall in love with you.”
“I hope you're right.”
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 125 32
Run On Water (Pietro x Reader)
Special Conditions: The twins and (y/n) having a day off and going to the beach.
Word Count: 1.597
Warnings: cursing
You stuck your toes into the warm sand, inhaling deeply.
Opening your eyes, you gazed at the majestic waves that barely touched the shore.
You felt peacefully.
An incredibly powerful gust of wind made you flinch, leaving you in a cloud of blue.
Pietro's laugh echoed.
You rolled your eyes and tried to get your hair back into a normal state.
“This was a bad idea.” Wanda muttered under her breath and searched for a good place to settle down.
You followed her and tried to spot Pietro who was running like crazy at the seashore.
The last few weeks were exhausting.
One mission after another and training sessions in between – to put it briefly, you had no second for yourself.
So you were more than just glad you finally got a day off.
The Avengers were currently separated in teams.
Steve, Natasha and
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 349 58
Wait What? (Pietro x Reader)
Special Conditions: Reader is a mutant/shapeshifter
Word Count: 1.784
Warnings: none
“You can't do that, woman.”
“I am your sister, I can do to you whatever I want.”
“No, you can't.”
“Yes... I can.”
“I'm 12 minutes older than you.”
“Oh, shut it.”
Pietro and Wanda Maximoff glared at each other with narrowed eyes.
It was only a week after the whole Ultron Incident and yet Pietro wanted to go out of bed and run.
Thanks to his Increased Metabolism, he had survived those terrible bullets.
Still, he was Inhuman and not invincible.
Pietro needed to rest to regain his strength.
However, the “older” twin wouldn't listen to his countless doctors.
Of course.
The other Avengers already tried to convince him to stay in bed, but didn't succeed.
There was only one person on this planet who could control Pietro Maximoff.
His twin.
“Pietro, I sweat to god, if you don't lay down
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 578 77
Feel My Heart - Part 8 (Stark!Reader x Pietro)
Warning! Major Spoilers For The Avengers: Age Of Ultron
P a r t  8
He rubbed his eyes and held back a yawn. He was fatigued by... everything.
His eyes roamed over her pillow, slowly letting his hand follow his gaze.
As his fingertips stroke the cold silk underneath his touch, he felt his heart ache.
He wouldn't survive this.

A sudden brightness and a slight vibration caught him off guard.
He was trying to blink away the dots he saw and grabbed it, answering the phone without looking who was calling.
“I knew you wouldn't sleep.”
He smiled weakly at the sound of her voice. “Hey, Pepper.”
Tony shifted his legs on the bed he was currently sitting, starring in the dark room.
“You have to sleep.” she scolded him softly.
“You know I can't. Now more than ever.” he answered his girlfriend, feeling groggy.
Pepper sighed. “Doesn't mean you can't try.”
Tony stayed quiet. He didn't know how to
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 139 25
Feel My Heart - Part 7 (Stark!Reader x Pietro)
Warning! Major Spoilers For The Avengers: Age Of Ultron
P a r t  7
“This is not good enough!”
Ultron shouted down the whole building.
Again, he had one of his freak-outs.
“I did everything you wanted.” (y/n) protested weakly, closing her eyes as the robot smashed one of his metal bodies.
They were all handmade. It broke her heart.
“They are all not good enough!” he screamed. “I wanted something divine. Something indestructible.”
Ultron threw another head against the wall.
(y/n), sitting on a chair at her desk, winced at the sound. She just wanted to get up and punch Ultron for destroying her babies.
Pietro, who had placed himself on her desk right next to her, just rolled his eyes in silent annoyance.
Wanda had left since the first second Ultron started to snap.
“Look, if you don't like this metal, we could use more titanium.” (y/n) tried to calm him down... and failed.
Ultron glared with his wide, red eye
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 145 46
Undercover (Steve x Reader)
I got inspired by "Undercover" by Selena Gomez.
AU: Where HYDRA is just S.H.I.E.L.D.’s greatest Secret Service competitor. Plus Steve is not from the 40's (therefore a little OOC)
Warnings: swearing, sexual contact
Word count: 2058
All to myself,
I want you all to myself.
And nobody else.
You don't need no other lover, we can keep it undercover.
Find me in the shadows,
and pull the shades down until tomorrow,
and make sure that no-nobody follows.
You don't need no other lover, we can keep it –

U n d e r c o v e r
Sounds of clicking glasses and champagne cork pops filled the ballroom.
The incredibly high ceilings were draped with expensive looking silk ribbons and gigantic, majestic chandeliers.
Round tables were placed at the side, finest sterling cutlery and exquisite food on it.
Slow music was quietly played at the background, putting the finishing touch on it.
This large ballroom was full of chatting
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 47 16
Feel My Heart - Part 6 (Stark!Reader x Pietro)
Warning! Major Spoilers For The Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Also - This story will be a lot more somber, so if you don't like that kind of story, don't read it.
You've been warned.
May the darkness begin.
P a r t  6
“I can't concentrate.”
“You are just screwing metal together.”
“I am building your head. So please, let me do my work.”
“Then go on.”
Without you guarding me.”
Ultron, being present in one of his sentries, remained silent while (y/n) sighed. “There's no point in watching me. It's not like I can escape, right?”
Without another word Ultron’s sentry walked away, leaving her finally alone.
(y/n) closed her eyes in defeat and counted to ten until she felt ready to continue her work.
She opened them again and gazed at the soon to be dull Ultron eyes in front of her.
His head alone was scary. It just lay there in completely innocence.
It didn't look like it was the skull
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 150 39
My Everything (Steve x Reader)
My Everything
March 1942, New York
“It's going to be fun, trust me!”
“I don't know...”
One of your best friends, Anna, guided you to an unknown place for you.
She just told you about a double date with two gentlemen.
You had no idea where she picked up all these guys for you.
As the both of you were walking down the streets of Brooklyn, you couldn't help yourself but feel nervous.
Anna brought the most handsome men to you, always trying to set you up with one of them.
Unfortunately, nothing did work out.
Either they were the most arrogant creatures on earth, just trying to get you in bed, or they didn't even notice you.
Sure, you were pretty, but nothing special. You knew that.
As the both of you reached the theater, you stopped by the entry and waited for your dates to show up.
Anna began to fumble on your dress, trying to put your (h/c) curls in a proper state.
“Stop that!” you scolded her giggling and slapped playfully at her hand
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 72 33
Bad Blood (Grant Ward x Reader)
"Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift.
Bad Blood
His fist made contact with your stomach.
“'cause, baby, now we got bad blood.”
While falling back, you lifted your leg and kicked him away from you.
“You know it used to be mad love.”
You held back a scream and aimed with your fist at his face.
“So take a look what you've done.”
He tried the same, preparing a punch with his stone-hard fist.
“'cause, baby, now we got bad blood.”
Both of your fists collided, faces only inches away.
Your eyes locked, reflecting all those feelings that were buried deep inside.
Disappointment. Guilt. Frustration. Anxiety. Pain. Madness.
“I can't take it back, look where I'm at.
These beats of a dark heart, use bass lines to replace you.
Take time and erase you, love don't hear no more.”

You were the best thi
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 55 14
Feel My Heart - Part 5 (Stark!Reader x Pietro)
Warning! Major Spoilers For The Avengers: Age Of Ultron
P a r t  5
”Back in black, I hit the sack. I've been too long, I'm glad to be back!” (y/n) sang and threw a ball out of scrap metal in the air.
“Yes, I'm let loose from the noose!” she continued and caught the ball again.
(y/n) was lying on the bed in the cell – the one where she woke up – and starred at the ceiling, trying to occupy herself with something.
After the little “chat” she had with Ultron and the twins, the robot sent her back to the cell.
It was already 3 a.m., Ultron already turned off the lights, expecting her to sleep.
Therefore, it was pitch dark in her new “bedroom”, except a little candle beside her bed that cast eerie shadows on the wall.
But (y/n) wasn't tired. She was hungry.
(y/n) hadn't eaten since before the party and was now almost starving.
However, Ultron didn't think of something like that... of course.
She threw
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 157 50


Levi by Claparo-Sans Levi :iconclaparo-sans:Claparo-Sans 7,188 157 A choice with no regrets by DoreiShounen A choice with no regrets :icondoreishounen:DoreiShounen 1,045 93 Levi Ackerman by DoreiShounen Levi Ackerman :icondoreishounen:DoreiShounen 1,370 120 What do you see in her eyes? - Madness by Suzumebachii What do you see in her eyes? - Madness :iconsuzumebachii:Suzumebachii 4 2
Mesmerized (Altair Ibn-La'Ahad x Reader)
Assassins wear hoods for a reason. You learned today that there was more than one reason why.
Word Count: 1824
:iconanna-lyn:Anna-Lyn 129 25
Don't Wink at Me: LevixReader
Please Don’t Wink at me: LevixReader
“Jean…” groaned as you plopped your head on the cafeteria table. “As much as I love hearing about your sex life, I’m going to need you to stop.”
He laughed in response, “Sorry, Marco’s just….amazing.”
“So I’ve heard…in way too much detail.” You playfully punched his shoulder before getting up and throwing away your trash. “But anyway, back to my original questions. Are you and Marco going out for the big V day?”
“Vday?” he asked confused.
“Valentines day, you idiot.” You sped up as the two of you walked out of the cafeteria.
“Oh, yeah. Haha, we’ll probably just go to the movies and bring each other’s gifts.” Before he even finished his statement he wiggled his eyebrows in a too familiar fashion. He means they’ll do it.
In response, you just sighed. Jean and M
:iconayano-otori:Ayano-Otori 233 46
Crushing Attraction - JeanxReader

It's wet, you mused to yourself. The kind of wet that made you miserable. Your cloak soaked from the downpour. Ah, heavy rain. You knew whatever entity responsible for your shivering, pissed state was surely, a colossal bit- “Achoo!”  You sniffled to yourself, at least you weren't alone.  The horse below you just ate the dewy grass unhindered by the elements.  Her name, Marigold. Unlike you Marigold is a hardcore horse. Where as you were trying to stop that glob of snot escaping your nose because of him.
Jean Kirschstein, humanity's finest ass; assholery included. Sometimes you forget to sniff inconspicuously. His amber eyes would occasionally glance to you. Those lantern orbs would just peek beneath his own evergreen cloak. You stilled whenever he did, he was the predator, and you the prey. Your face would warm, because...
He was hot. Mikasa might not want him, but you would snatch him up quicker than Sasha, and a potato. You gulped at the visions o
:iconsodaselkie:sodaselkie 188 63
Jean x Reader [15 Minutes In Heaven]
    The door opened, and you blushed a little when the flirty male named Jean walked in, smirking and holding the pocky stick. Hanji giggled, shutting the door with a call of "15 minutes!"
    "Jean," You said, crossing you arms.
    He simply moved closer, one hand reaching out and holding your hip while the other pressed the pocky stick to your lips. You bit into the biscuit and continued to munch on it. Jean simply held it for you while you ate, and you were confused as to why he wasn't eating it as well. Nevertheless, you kept on nibbling it while Jean's thumb rubbed circles on your hip.
    Finally, you reached the end of the stick, your lips pressed to Jean's fingertips. He pulled them away slowly, leaning in until his breath caressed your mouth. You chewed the pocky slower, your eyes finding Jean's in the faint light, and he dove in.
    His lips were pressed to yours hungrily, and you reached up to
:iconhusky-bear:Husky-Bear 140 13
Seven Minutes in Heaven: Erwin x Reader
Erwin Smith
Of all the people's names you could have drawn from the bag, it had to be the commander of the entire scouting legion. In glanced around, unable to find the blonde in your first pass. 
"Is he even here?" You mused quietly, brow furrowing in concern. 
You looked up at Hangi, a shy smile on your lips. "Umm...the commander?"
Hangi barked a laugh. "Erwin, no use in hiding!" she called out to the other side of the room. A mumble rippled through the crowd. 
You shrunk back when Erwin gently pushed his way through the small mob of people. His eyes were cast downward, covered by blonde eyelashes. Once he was free of the crowd he glances up, catching your eyes. A small smile slipped onto his lips, and suddenly you felt your face warm. 
"C'mon, cadet, up and at 'em" Hangi chuckled, pushing you in the direction of the commander. You stumbled but quickly righted yourself with the aid of gentle but firm hands. You cast Erwin a grateful look for a ha
:icontheotherzephyros:TheOtherZephyros 510 44
Seven Minutes in Heaven: Levi x Reader
Levi/Rivaille Ackerman
You should have been delighted to see the name on the small slip of paper, but you slowly felt a small dread begin to fill you. A heavy weight lay in your stomach, and you struggled to swallow. 
A dozen eyes looked at you expectantly, burning into your skin and setting your body aflame.
"Well~~?" Hanji asked from the other side of the room. "C'mon, speak up!"
You looked up, biting your lip in an effort to stifle a shy smile. "Levi" You spoke, voice loud and clear (if not a little shaky).
All eyes directed themselves to the other side of the room, where the corporal sat, eyes narrowed. 
"Oi, four-eyes, I thought I wasn't participating!"
Hanji feigned innocence. "What? I didn't put your name in there Levi, must have been someone else." When Levi didn't move, Hanji let out an exasperated sigh. "C'mon short stuff, it'll be fun!"
Levi glared daggers at the taller woman, who returned his glare with a knowing smile. You didn't catch it, focusing instead
:icontheotherzephyros:TheOtherZephyros 1,274 434
Seven Minutes in Heaven: Eren x Reader
Eren Yeager

You swallowed thickly as your eyes scanned the name on the small slip of paper. You dared not look up, for fear you would make eye contact with the brunette and betray who you chose. 
Moments of silence passed as you focused on trying to control the reddening blush on your face. You could feel the gaze of a dozen stares burn into your back. 
Summoning your courage, you let out a small sigh before speaking: "Eren."
A murmur passed through the small crowd gathered around you. Eyes looked to Eren, who stood rigidly, a blush etched onto his face.
"Whelp~!" Reiner declared, pulling you to your feet. You let out a small squeak at the sudden movement, and again as you were pushed forwards, stumbling into a pair of arms. You looked up with a nervous smile, only to find intense green eyes staring back at you. 
"O-oh. Thank you...Eren." You mumbled, feeling your cheeks warm.
"N-no problem."
:icontheotherzephyros:TheOtherZephyros 1,285 659
A Pillow for the Commander [Drunk!Erwin x Reader]
---A Pillow for the Commander: [Drunk!Erwin x Reader]---
Author's Notes: In which the Reader, a junior officer in the Recon Corps, discovers that her superior is a little… cuddly when inebriated. Warnings for fluff, suggestive themes, alcohol and drunken snuggles. Hope you enjoy =3
The candle burned low upon the sleek mahogany desk, just barely illuminating the sheets of parchment that decorated your workspace. You rubbed your bleary eyes with the back of an ink-smudged hand. No wonder they strained! The hours had flown by before you even knew it. Now the day was nearly over, and the sun was setting beyond the horizon. Just where had the day gone?
Time certainly flies when one keeps herself busy!, You mused to yourself, setting your quill down. Only then did you notice the soreness in your writing hand. Six hours of non-stop paperwork were clearly taking their toll. And yet, as your eyes wandered about the office suite, you felt a sense of accomplishment. Judgi
:iconcherrypikkins:cherrypikkins 648 179
Levi / Rivaille by kagalin Levi / Rivaille :iconkagalin:kagalin 4,167 130
Actor!Jean X Reader - Pumpkin
Sweet Freckled Jesus, that was the best thing you'd heard in a very long time.
“Actually, let's try that scene one more time for good measure.”
And that was the last thing you wanted to hear.
Oh, it was all fine and dandy that the actors wanted to goof off. All the shit they were pulling on set was comedy gold and would likely make it into the blooper reel of the DVD pack whenever that came out. However, unlike you, they had the chance to sleep when they arrived on location along with most of the crew. It was 1 o'clock in the goddamn morning, you hadn't slept in what felt like a week (which in reality was just
:iconmiss-vero:miss-vero 597 96
Eren/Titan by DoreiShounen Eren/Titan :icondoreishounen:DoreiShounen 1,853 144 I can hear beating of your heart by DoreiShounen I can hear beating of your heart :icondoreishounen:DoreiShounen 1,376 144



JennaRogers02's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Just Another Fangirl! :happybounce:

I'm just your ordinary, weird geek on the internet: obsessing over Anime and Marvel, Attack on Titan and the Avengers, mostly.
Someday I want to become an author, but until then, I'm passing my time writing sad, tragic, funny and romantic fanfiction. I wrote many Marvel related fics, but I'm currently trying out different fandoms and styles.
So stay tuned for more! c: :hug:

I am basically :iconanna-lyn: 's Steve Rogers. So if you hurt her, you answer to me.

Levi Ackerman and Steve Rogers are my lovely husbands I love them so much someone plz send help lol :heart:


Hello Again by JennaRogers02

Can you guys see that?
Can you?

2, 956 notifications.






I've been sitting here in front of my laptop for 3 hours now. Working on all those notifications. It's hard, but I'm NOT complaining! It's wonderful!Dignity Laugh 

••• •• •••

Hello, Guys!

WOW. I don't know what to say, because... I'm ashamed of myself, to be honest.

Disappearing like that without saying a word to anyone... for months.
And giving you guys hope with sayings like “Get ready! Next part will be out next week!”
 Ashamed I am awful, I know. Ashamed 
And I am sorry.
onion head 'shame' 
I just... well, I know excuses don't count. So I'm just gonna start talking, alright? Turn that frown upside down C: 

I've last posted something at the end of August last year. After FMH 12 and my Deadpool story I stopped. That was because... Somewhere at this time I... got my heart broken.
Yeeeah... Heartbreak isn't that fun.

To add, only one week later I got into a new class without my friends (at first, they're here, now, luckily!). This is my senior year
which means I'm practically drowning in exams.
So... I don't exactly know how, but it just happened. I stopped writing.

I don't know, somehow just life made me stop. I can't really explain, but you have to believe me, I haven't written a single piece of literatur since then. And that hurts me the most, now that I think back. :sigh: 
I somehow lost inspiration for Marvel stories, too. I LOVE Marvel, that will NEVER change. Thanks to Marvel, I came to write in English, not just my mother tounge German. :happybounce:

Thanks to Marvel, I met so many great people and received so much support, I try to realize that every day. But I somehow can't,
'cause all of this is just so... beautiful to me. :slipperyhug:  Neko Emoji-16 (Blush) [V1]

I'm just saying that I found new fandoms and series which excited and inspired me. I think instead of just writing Marvel, I'll try other things in the future, too. It scares, but also makes me happy and excited. A new adventure! Yaaay! Frozen - Olaf's Joy Icon 

(AND animes. YES, I've started watching anime, now I said itAnime Emoji (Blush Oh yay dance) [V6] )

During this long time, I often tried to force myself to write. I had such a phase in my life already, I knew this feeling. I knew I can't just push a button and I'm back to normal.
That frustrated me, so I tried to write with all my might. But, uuhh... it didn't end well. I also think that's why I've been stuck on FMH 13 for so long, because it just didn't make “click”. 

However, this morning, I suddenly felt like writing something about an anime I AM OBSESSING OVER LOVE. (Attack on Titan! Anyone else?)
And it worked! I screamed in delight when I finished this little story, to be honest. It was something completely new and refreshing for me. I think that's why I made it back. OMG MOAR POEMS! :happybounce: :excited:

So when I finished this project, I immediately thought “FEEL MY HEART” and started to continue it. AND IT WORKED!!!! (THANK GOD.) Crazy La :iconlacrazyplz:  KFC Chicken Epic Dance 

It's hard to get into all this writing stuff again if you've been out of it for so long.
That's why, in my opinion, FMH13 isn't like the old ones, even though I've tried. And I'll try harder, I know! It was just hard to... well, "go back", you could say. I'm sure all of you who are also writing, are able to understand this feeling.hug 


Soo... yeah. That's it. Many, many bad variables leading to a worse outcome.
I only had this “breakthrough” just today, so you guys can see I hurried.

Also, I hope you understand, even if it's just a liiiiiitle bit... I also understand YOU guys for wanting to murder me XD I wanna murder myself tbh for doing such a terrible thing to you.
:sad: XD
But I can't change the past. I'm just hoping ya'll forgive me and I'll continue to write things I like, for people I like.

And I will write a lot of things! As I said, a lot more fandoms are coming at ya!Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] happy dance 

Attack On Titan will be coming this week! Maybe even tomorrow?

I am very excited and looking forward to create happy memories again.
'cause that's what all of you and DeviantArt gave to me.
Happiness. c:


Jenna Heart 


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