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BLEACH -Naruto nextgen cosplay

By Jennaris
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this pic is SOOOOOO old now °_°
thanks to all the lovely comments ^^ I'm very flattered !

for the ...other type of comments... lemme tell that I won't redrew it to some people's liking (maybe they should draw their own version themselves and be happy). O_O I don't really get why people take this that seriously °_° this was suppose to not be serious at all !!!!!! it's a troll *O*

<TT>program used:

Open canvas 4.06+ (for drawing the lineart)
Photoshop CS2 (for the colouring)
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© 2007 - 2021 Jennaris
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mit669's avatar
i love Cone as the sage -so true
Shadow-Hedgi's avatar
So beautiful!! Love the fact that Kon is Jiraiya and Renji is Kakashi. I personally would've chosen Toshiro for Kakashi though, but nice!!
EuclideanMan's avatar
Atleast they will be more useful
SakuraLee91's avatar
Haha This is so awesome!!! The characters are perfect!! :iconsoadorableplz:
0w0ver's avatar
I never knew Orihime  was so 'violent' to Ichigo xD
bluemole1's avatar
I think Orihime and Rukia should definitely switch
UmbraBlade's avatar
actually ... rukia looks more like sakura   and Inoue looks like Hinata i mean the character personality 
TGrebel2's avatar
shouldn't Kon be dressed like Iruka, because well, you know ;-p lol
MomoChiee's avatar
IchiRuki と NaruHina Love 
0w0ver's avatar
Rukia is more like Sakura since she hits Ichigo a couple of times where Orihime is a lot alike to Hinata who is sweet and gentle and kinda useless lol. I don't ship Ichigo and Orihime, but it does look a lot sense like that.
MomoChiee's avatar
I do not mean it that way xD 
Anyway ship with Hinata Naruto and Sakura alike but Ichigo only with Rukia 7v7 
I am IchiRuki, NaruHina and NaruSaku shipper :33
0w0ver's avatar
Well, sounds very familier with me xD 
because I also ship SasuSaku XD
I also ship three characters together xD NaruSakuSasu. <3  
MomoChiee's avatar
I love NaruSakuSasu 7v7 Well actually love especially Sakura ~
0w0ver's avatar
Yeah :,>
it's just.. ADORABLE! & me too! Sakura is a cutie patootie <3
Katahn's avatar
woah,they all really suit the outfits,except ichigo(no hate to the art,just the jumpsuit!)
MandoJetii's avatar
Kon as Jiraiya :lol: LOL :lol:
ichihimfan's avatar
Isn't orihime has to be Hinata and Rukia Sakura ?
li101's avatar
Neat crossover! :D I like this so much. Ichigo and Renji look epic, Kon looks adorable, and Rukia and Orihime look great. Uruyu looks great too. :)
Natrill's avatar
Haha this is too perfect, Kone could literally be nobody else.
hedgyhog's avatar
Amazing! Would have been my new background if it was 1920 x 1080
kipper99's avatar
Yes i ship both ichiruki and naruhina!!!
Blondbert's avatar
It's funny because Uryuu and Sasuke have the same voice actor
LongLiveAnarchy's avatar

This is awesome!!

Even though I think Rukia should be Sakura.

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