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Rexsoka Alone Time by jennamimi Rexsoka Alone Time by jennamimi
I finally finished it Yay!! I really like how it turn out.
My little goal for this summer is to put a lot of Rexoka art up since there had been flood of cadsoka art that makes me want to throwup "seriously people that pairing is just nasty with a totally gross factor". And I want other people to do more Rexoka art, fanfics, fanfic songs, poems, anything to help the Rexoka fanbase.
sorry about the page numbers
Ahsoka and Rex belong to G. Lucas
Art by me

Rexoka Evidence From the Star Wars Clone Wars: Gambit Siege Novels

"Ah well, Little’un” said Rex. With his most sardonic grin. "This is the life. isn’t it? This is what we signed up for. Hurry up, and wait. Long stretches of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror." Leaning forward again, he patted her on the knee.
"So I say we play darts. What d’you reckon?"
And there was her heart, breaking all over again for love of him. Such a decent man, he was. She bounced to her feet, determined not to disappoint him. Page: 49 by Karen Miller”

and here
“The sun was going down fast, so Rex had arranged the gun— ships to be positioned around the square. Their floodlights turned the dusk to noon. It was a typically efficient and thought— ful Rex action, and it made her love him more than ever. Page: 373 by Karen Miller”
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