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                        -Location: On a Ship in Space Whereabouts Unknown-

     "Listen Doll Maker you better kept your agreement if you don't I'll come back from dead again hunt you down and make sure you do!"  "Don't worry sir Sifo-Dyas I'll keep our agreement you shouldn't worry. "What I don't understand why you demand a clone body for yourself but with no brain function and with very limited lifespan? And that you could see that the Republic needed an army but you couldn't see your own death?"  
" Well Doll Maker the force is a complicated thing to explained even I still haven't unlock all its secrets.  My returned to the world of the living is going to be a short visit and that require new body since original one is lost. Doll Maker have you completed the Second and Third Army for the Republic as I requested."  
    "Oh yes master Jedi I have them right on schedule and you'll be please with the Second and Third Army the final results each of the  human females clones are like a refined piece of art. Each one of them is of my finest work each of them is a master piece." Wait what about the males did you forget about them asked Dyas? "Don't worry I didn't forget they're completed first since they didn't require as much work as the females needed.
Oh what was I just saying? …. Oh yes …The genetic donors you provided for me for the Third Army from the planet Meria were divine subjects. Especial the Togruta … Oh what her name again… Oh yes Adamaris, she was breath taking being and her first clone with some modifications turn out to be my most excellent clone hybrid I have created. For example the clone hybrid the unit 7568. . Oh what did that Togruta woman name that child clone?. Oh yes Ahsoka.
               -Location: Secret Base in the outskirts of Outer Rim Sector-
    *Sounds of ship landing* with the swoosh opening of the airlock doors walk out a man wearing a sand gold armor that reflecting in the afternoon sun and he wasn't alone be hide him were six little boys. He looked into the distance and saw a young woman approaching to greet them.  "Welcome Sergeant to our training base my name is Connie. I hope your flight here wasn't too difficult and I'll be your escort to see Mistress Xiomara please follow me."Inside the building was fill chatter of girls going to and from class rooms. "Sorry about the all commotion you just arrived right at when the second bell rotation for the ninjeditas' classes."  "Oh it's ok Miss Connie I d…. Ninjeditas? What!? … Aren't you all Jedi here?"  "Oh I am sorry I thought you knew about what kind of facility this was, did anyone tell you this place isn't a temple it the Ninjeditas Guild.  
   This facility function is to instruct the force users in a more combatant way, then compare to the typical way of Jedi and that most Jedi will frown upon. The Ninjeditas Guild has been the best little kept secret that the Jedi Order won't attempt of its existences but still uses it during great times of war. After the last big war from the Old Republic the Order decided to disband the guild. It wasn't till Master Sifo-Dyas who had rebuilt the guild by using genetic modifies clones of selective genotype from numerous DNA sources. And to create force sensitive humans. And each of the clones isn't alike all except the males and each female has a different appearance. There are some with mutant abilities that will be discussed later on."
           Connie hoped Kal understood what she was telling him since he has been with genetic scientists before, because she noticed the six little boys that follow him and knew right away they were clones. At the beginning of the young woman's tour he wasn't really paying that much what but that all change when she said clones. He was blow away by what he just heard, he couldn't believe it. "Whoa just wait ah here a minute... Are you trying to tell me that all these little girls are clones! Please forgive me if I find that hard to believe this, and because I have been around clones and these little girls don't look like clones."
      Then another voice came from be hide him. "Well that is suspect from someone who  has only been around those unpretentious Kaminoans." Kal turn around to find were the mystery voice came from and to find it came from a tall elegant being who had long cerulean hair that reach the floor.  She was almost has tall as a Kaminoan but she wasn't a "fish" her appearance was that of human expect for the long slender pointed ears. Kal never seen being like this before in his life. He felt really embarrass by his behavior since all he could was just stare at the woman like a stupefy fool. "Well due to your perplex look on your face sir I'll would guess you have never met a Feydarian."  Connie steps up beside Kal to relive him of having doing introductions. "Dr. Sidonia let me introduce you to Sergeant Kal Skirata from clone base on Kamino."
Here is the new chapter for my new Star Wars The Clone Wars fanfic series call the Ninjeditas Guild And The Merianeds Warriors here is the link to my gallery[link] .

My charaters The Ninjeditas Guild and The Merianeds Warriors, Connie, The DollMaker, Adamaris, Mistress Xiomara, Dr. Sidonia ,sepcies Feydarian, planet Meria

G.Lucas charaters Ahsoka Tano, Sifo-Dyas, Kal Skirata, the Nulls clones, Jedi
planet Kamino
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