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Character Base  Ninjeditas Camiran Clone Wars by jennamimi Character Base  Ninjeditas Camiran Clone Wars by jennamimi
Ok here is one of my main characters from my fanfic series story link
and gallery link…
that will explained what going on in my fanfic series universe and by the way this is her first year of the war look and there will be second year look.
Her are her character stats

Camiran Haynes (first year of the war age 16, second year 17) a genetic modified clone of selective genotype from numerous DNA sources: her face is flawless, hair: light cornflower blue, eyes: copper, lips: mauvelous pink, skin: Navajo white. Camiran has a body type of 20 year old due to scientists’ decision accelerate nature rate growth in two years ahead to make her body a more desire mature figure without shorting her age. But it causes Camiran to have unwanted attention that causes trouble so the scientists decide to stop accelerating nature rate growth for the others girls. Camiran is part of the first batch of clones created by the Feydarians the scientists that created the other clone army for Sifo-Dyas had requested and that the evil Sith Lord didn’t even know about like the Fett clone army.

Personality: She is natural born leader and is one of the oldest of all the girls. She very dedicated to her ninjeditas comrades and is a little contemptuous towards the “regular” Jedi and some of the clone troopers mostly the Nulls; but later on she warm ups to them. Once people get to know Camiran she is very kind and loving person the tough exterior she display is caused by working in a mostly dominate by field men. She is a remarkable at getting intelligence due to her mutant ability she can turn her body into fine partials like dark blue mist. This mutant ability allows her to slip be hide enemies lines hided in the shadows.

Skills: Mutant ability, is a force sensitive but doesn't use the force very much becuase the enemy can detect her using and it will blow her cover behind enemy's lines, can use a light saber but not very often, can use blaster weapon and many non Jedi weapons.

Any Star Wars reference belongs to G.Lucas
Camiran, Ninjeditas, Feydarians belong to me
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July 14, 2012
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