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February 14, 2013
Depths of Imagination by *JennaleeAuclair
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Depths of Imagination



A digital painting exploring the powers of a child's imagination.

I post way more often on my Facebook page here: [link]

Website: [link]
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First of all, that's an amazing thing you've posted here. That's a kind of art which can't be rated as perfect, because its level is up to everybody's mind. So I guess that is something where every artist has to deal with, specially those who are into Pseudo- and Imagination-stuff.

I ask myself; why you've curved the room... for impact and/or to focus the bath tube, or anything else? However, the message is clear, the focus is very well settled. There is nothing to talk about or to criticize.
Personally, I do not like the emptiness of pictures in general, I prefer either a single ob- or subject or a well detailed and high in impact picture. So that's not my sort of picture - but as one of 'em I respect it really high.

Well, that's kind hard to say, too. A childes imagination is well known to be incredible high and unexpected creative. But to get that onto a picture is a total different task. So we've the idea and have to settle a topic to show it. And to be honest, a have barely seen that skill of an idea drawn.
And it makes it even nicer that many people will remind themselves on their past as child, diving in the tube with plastic-solders, boats, ducks and any other toy... Great! </b>

Simplicity and the worn-out colors are well chosen, the curved room is perfect fitting for the topic and just awesome... love the idea.
Not high in detail but that's not the point (I'm a detail freak :/ ). Even the glass is curved... but parts of the foam and the books? That appears a bit weird to me, a dislike of mine...

At least, the impact. Amazing! I like the focus of the picture, the contrast between the point of few of the "out-world" and the boy's imagination. The little shark, wrack and sand... totally fitting. That is indeed the best part you've done here. The impact is just awesome And i love the little duck which are smiling at us <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/> ). It has something of an old war-movie... the old wallpaper, broad framed mirrors, simplicity of rooms and the bath tube itself is classic/nostalgic. All is lovely, as much as the vividness of the imagination...

A great job and service you've done!