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A feature of just some of the wonderful Christmas stock on dA!
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:bulletred::bulletgreen: Trees :bulletgreen::bulletred:
:thumb70924179: :thumb70471606: :thumb70471341: :thumb45089558: Christmas Tree 5 by GreenEyezz-stock Christmas Tree 1 by GreenEyezz-stock Christmas Tree of Lights by GreenEyezz-stock Christmas Tree 2 by GreenEyezz-stock Christmas Tree 6 by GreenEyezz-stock

:bulletred::bulletgreen: Lights, Ornaments, Decorations :bulletgreen::bulletred:
Christmas Lights PNGs by redheadstock Christmas Ornaments n Ribbons PNGs by redheadstock :thumb71125019: :thumb71123204: :thumb71120085: :thumb71120537: :thumb71120976: :thumb70915468: :thumb70912431: :thumb70914387: Christmas Ornament by GreenEyezz-stock Christmas Weath 3 by GreenEyezz-stock red and green ornaments stock by Hermit-stock Red ribbons christmas stock by Hermit-stock Christmas stock 1 of 5 - balls by Hermit-stock Christmas pack 2 of 5 - Stars by Hermit-stock Christmas pack 5 of 5 - Stars2 by Hermit-stock

:bulletred::bulletgreen: People/Animals :bulletgreen::bulletred:
:thumb70588511: :thumb70484699: :thumb70484550: :thumb71909694: :thumb70274377: :thumb70274667: :thumb72133422: :thumb72219269: :thumb72216914: :thumb70908875: Skydancer-Stock 0831 by skydancer-stock Skydancer-Stock 0411 by skydancer-stock Skydancer-Stock 0357 by skydancer-stock Santa 1 by Peace-of-Art Santa 8 by Peace-of-Art Santa 7 by Peace-of-Art Santa 3 by Peace-of-Art Christmas Goddess 4 by mizzd-stock :thumb71092121: Christmas Goddess pack 5 by mizzd-stock Christmas Goddess pack 3 by mizzd-stock Moon Goddess Pack 5 by mizzd-stock Moon Goddess Pack 3 by mizzd-stock :thumb105144497: :thumb105206409: :thumb105206261: :thumb105145964: :thumb105207147: Christmas by dheks Christmas 5 by dheks Christmas - Sitting Poses 2 by Gracies-Stock Christmas - Big Hat 4 by Gracies-Stock :thumb44376333: :thumb71080146: :thumb70453778: :thumb71080176: :thumb68882232: :thumb68881891: Silly Elfs by LucieG-Stock

:bulletred::bulletgreen: Other :bulletgreen::bulletred:
:thumb71906792: :thumb70926040: :thumb70917002: :thumb70917716: :thumb70918365: :thumb70922095: :thumb70919258: :thumb72210435: :thumb71456384: Nativity Scene by GreenEyezz-stock Pointsetta Flower 10 by GreenEyezz-stock Fireplace by GreenEyezz-stock Red Christmas Texture by GreenEyezz-stock :thumb50126474: Gift Pack 3 For My Watchers by PaintedOnMySoul Candy Canes Christmas stock by Hermit-stock Hollies, berries and leaves by Hermit-stock Christmas pack 3 of 5 - Letter by Hermit-stock Christmas pack 4 of 5 - Candy by Hermit-stock Gold and Silver candle stock by Hermit-stock

:bulletred::bulletgreen: Brushes :bulletgreen::bulletred:
Holiday Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock Glitter + Sparkles Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock Dangling Glows Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock christmas brushes by Christy-Carrier Christmas by Shiranui Ischarm Christmas Brushes by ischarm Christmas Ornaments Brushes by altergromit Christmas Brushes by fluffypinklana Christmas Brushes by princesspeach0221 Christmas Trees Brushes by altergromit Christmas Frame Brushes by seiyastock Christmas Ornament PS Brushes by seiyastock Christmas Cookie Brushes by firebug-stock Christmas Stuff Brushes by firebug-stock Christmas Ornament Brushes by Scully7491 Large Christmas Themed Brushes by imthinkingoutloud Brushes 002 by xhealingvisionx Xmas Brushes by Camxso Christmas Brushes01 by annie252 Holiday Brush Set by Cheshire-Angel Ribbon Bow Brushes by hawksmont Christmas Song Text Brushes by jessiesquash Brushes - Christmas by lilbrokenangel 100x100 Christmas Brushes by kissncontrol

:bulletred::bulletgreen: My Own Christmas Stock :bulletgreen::bulletred:
Christmas Gradients for Apo by Jenna-RoseStock Christmas Tree 1 by Jenna-RoseStock Christmas Tree 2 by Jenna-RoseStock Santa Portrait by Jenna-RoseStock Chef Santa Statue by Jenna-RoseStock Nutcracker 1 by Jenna-RoseStock Snowman Decoration 1 by Jenna-RoseStock

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Go show these stock pieces and their artists' some love!
© 2008 - 2021 Jenna-RoseStock
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Camxso's avatar
Thank you very much for the features. Cheers, Camxso
GreenEyezz-stock's avatar
thankyou very much for the features!
mizzd-stock's avatar
Gorgeus feature!
Thank you for including my stock :love: :glomp:
Hermit-stock's avatar
:hug: thank you soo much for the feature :D I greatly appreciate it :D :santa: :heart: thank you :boogie:
seiyastock's avatar
This is a great set of pictures and brushes. :) I hope that mine may come in handy. Thank you so much for the feature.
Amarie-Veneanar's avatar
What a beautiful selection. Thank you very much for putting together this feature! :heart:
imthinkingoutloud's avatar
thank you for including my work!
Wonderful job ya did with this, thank you for doing this!
LucieG-Stock's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature! :) Great selection, lots of awesome Christmas resources in there! :)
kgstv's avatar
wow.. beautiful collection!
LuneBleu-PhotoStock's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature :D
IWS-stock's avatar
Thank you again and Merry Christmas :holly:
PaintedOnMySoul's avatar
What a wonderful grouping of Christmas stock! Thank you so much for including some of mine *Peace-of-Art, it truly is appreciated!
altergromit's avatar
Thank you so much, I hope my brushes will be useful! :aww: :holly: :D
xhealingvisionx's avatar
Thanks for the feature! Adding to :+fav:!
sammykaye1's avatar
These are great Jenna! :heart:
annie252's avatar
thanks for the feature!
Evil-e33's avatar
Thank you very much for featuring my bokeh stock :hug:
Jenna-RoseStock's avatar
Wildwinyan-stock's avatar
Awesome feature jenna! :dance:
Jenna-RoseStock's avatar
Thank you :) I've been wanting to do it for awhile now... Finally got the time.

I've been putting it together since 10 this morning :bleh: My net is so slow :faint: Been letting stuff load & catching the thumb codes in between trips outside to shovel the drive.
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