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Seriously, I haven't been on here in a regular fashion for AGES!
When did the icon change and why?
How are the people who are still around doing?
I'm currently in the middle of exams but I'm done soon, is any one interested in doing an art trade for old times sake?
Have I missed any life changing events in my lovely followers since I've disappeared and entered University?
Is anyone interested in me posting some of my university sketches, sculptures, and paintings?

I hope those who read this are doing well!

Jenna White
Hey guys! It's been a long time since I wrote a journal. I just wanted to thank who ever sees this for helping me reach 20000 page views! It took a long time but I'm proud of it none the less.
Thank you so much!!  :D
I am bored out of my mind doing only school projects!
Any one of my watchers who I don't know irl can request an idea for a line art which I will later put up on DA.
There aren't commissions an I'm not selling them so it can be whatever.
I don't want any one from my old school suggesting stuff because I already know what you want or have done something with you before.

PS. If you are a writer you may send me a character sheet if you want a head shot done :D

yeah..... i'm this bored.....

PSS. I really don't want to hear complaints or comments from people I know please this is for new outlooks on ideas.…
part 2…
I finally managed to get a decent screen capture that doesn't burn out my poor computer :P
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Lol so i never did comment on how NARU2U went :P
So overall i had fun, it was interesting for such a small convention.
Saddly though, i didn't sell many of my prints, in fact i think i only sold about 5 of the 75 i bought, which is a huge dissapointment for me.
Although i didn't do well, i did learn quite a bit, like how fan art is the best thing to sell, sadly.
I was trying to avoid selling fanart because it's just that, not my art.
Well, next year i'll go again, and then i'll have improved, and will have more fanart to sell.
So! Look forward to it ladies and gents!
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k so im super excited because im off to NARU2U tomorrow to set up my table and for VIP sales, sooooo excited omg wtf!

RAWR! short entry!

more from me tomorrow after my first day!!

Wish me luck please!!
Boyah! 10 000  veiws!
now to wait 2 more years to get 20 thousand! lmao
I don't care if it's only a small landmark, and that it took 3 years to get here, the fact is, I got here! Well, almost lol.
Only 15 more veiws! I need to make a celibratory art work now because i don't work today.... but i might not get to it lol, life out of my house is just so much more fun~
Anyway! Thank you for all the watches and veiws and encouragement over the years! <3
So it turns out i didn't win the NARU2u contest, maybe next year :P
lololol awesome XD
My official Prints to be sold are the following:


I really hope to see you all there!
Ok so I decided that I am going to enter the NARU2U Mascot contest thing.
Basically you redraw their mascot girl with 4 tails... My only issue is coming up with a background. Meh, I'll figure it out :P
Wish Me Luck!

~~~~~~~EMPTY SPACE~~~~~~~
OK, so far the prints i have chosen for NARU2U are the following:
possibly bust shot, but they're very small
Maybe a few Mwahaha's (lol :P)
and whatever i make in the next 2 weeks

Now all i need to think of i quantity lol.
Ok so I know this is on the front page but I just wanted to let everyone know about it, and to help if you can, and make sure you clearly sign ALL of you work; sketches, paintings, gifs, EVERYTHING.
This happens every day, but I have never heard of a case this bad, this man needs to be taught a lesson and the artist need to be supported.
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Mon Aug 1, 2011, 4:12 PM
Hey ladies and gents!
I have registered for a table at NARU2U and will be there selling my prints!
I will edit this journal to include all the prints i will have for sale while im there for the two days.

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I just realized that i usually end up drawing well past midnight... i seem to only get inspired in the evening, it's to wierd!  >_<
Anyway thats all for this little quicky :P hehehe
Will be back on soon!
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Since my commisions were such a flop how about i just take requests?
That basically means you give me an idea, some character descriptions ,ectect; and i draw it in my style.
I took down my commision because i thought this would work better and i have more creative freedomes if they're just requests.
And because it's a request i won't be sending the file to whomever requested it, i'll just post it on my DA profile in a folder under requests :)
I hope this goes well please note me or leave a comment with ideas, i will message you back when or if i do it ^^

Thanks for your time folks!

PS: I f you do want the file of a picture you request drop like 10-20 points or something in my points thing and i'll send it, i'm just iffy about giving my art out for free.

PSS: I'm also open for art trades though if i refuse don't take it personally, i'm just really lazy and may not feel like drawing right then lol
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ok so i was looking through my gallery and i started laughing at my self, i noticed that i rarely draw both eyes lol!
its so dumb i need to work on that but its so hard!! grr
whatever lol thats all.
talk to you all later!

Ps. happy 2011 everyone!
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