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Meeting of the Minds

By JenL
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I drew a bunch of my favorite mad scientists together from various cartoons and games.
From left to right: Drakken from Kim Possible, Doofenshmirtz from Phineas & Ferb, Eggman from Sonic, Rick from Rick & Morty, Cortex from Crash Bandicoot and Wily from Mega Man.

I have this idea that Dr. Eggman, who has a history of warping time and dimensions, would invite other scientists together for a meeting of the minds to try and come up with a scheme to finally get rid of the heroes once and for all. But it basically boils down to a clash of egos which devolves into arguing and finger pointing and eventually slap-fighting. What do you expect from a room full of ego maniacs. =)

Eggman didn't really invite Rick since he's not technically a "villain" (even though he does a lot of evil stuff), but he portal gunned his way in there anyway, because you couldn't keep him away from a room full of the world's foremost scientists. Maybe he can give them advice since he's the only one without a history of pure failure. Or just gloat. =P

I had planned to have more characters in this picture like Dr. Nefarious (from Ratchet & Clank) and Pretorius (from The Mask Animated Series) but the room was full enough as it was, and I wanted to draw some new scientists that I hadn't drawn before like Drakken and Doofenshmirtz.

Fun fact: Any time I draw a picture with Dr. Wily in it I always draw him first. It's not intentional but for some reason I always do.


Dr. Drakken and Doofenshmirtz (c) Disney / Dr. Neo Cortex (c) Activision / Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (c) Sega / Dr. Wily (c) Capcom / Rick Sanchez(c) Cartoon Network
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Now this is epic

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KIM; Shouldn't we go in there and stop them?

SONIC; Nah, they're basically stopping themselves.

KIM; But Rick Sanchez is in there!

SONIC; And he'll ruin this "deadly alliance" harder than he ruined his own family.

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I want to see a Poker Night game with these guys.

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This is my Desktop wallpaper

MutantEnjin's avatar

i always wanted somone to do this

Darkdealer65's avatar

more like meeting of the massive egos

Metalknightrider's avatar

only four on the right have been in a video game and have things in common. the other two are out of place

goldorakx69's avatar

dr egg-man got a headache

Vanossgaming0's avatar

Wait, how is Rick evil??

Tyrranux's avatar

Ask his own family.

DiamondGangWars's avatar
Rick doesnt give a fuck like at all
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This is so great for so many reasons.
Even if it does have that one guy.  'v'
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i always wanted to see eggman and drakken from my heroine's show, kim possible crossover.

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Now THIS is a crossover I wanna see!
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Ngl this is epic
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I guarantee you that Rick's the smartest one out of all of them. =P
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And he's the only one there who actually succeeded at something. :D
PineyCreek's avatar
And probably the worst monster considering his body count.
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Eggman is mad he lost his goggles.
LibbyTheHedgehog's avatar
I thought Wiley and Eggman where not on good terms
nightravenx49's avatar
amazing crossover!!!
greetings & great job.
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I am not dissapointed in your taste for mad scientist as I can see you have Rick Sanchez in the room. I love Rick and Morty!!! Dr. wiley is like the great grandfather of everybody. This is now my desktop wallpaper
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