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Yaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! I'm all moved in and cozy in our perfect little 'love nest'. Our apartment is freaking amazing, I love everything about it from the view of the mountains and a wooded area to the amazing skylights. Sorry for not checking DA so much, things were really busy as I prepared to relocate. Lots of family wanted to spend time with me, there were a ton of commissions to do, along with the general preparation needed for moving cross-country. We're so very blessed, and so very happy. <3
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So for those of you who don't already know, I'm going to be moving to Denver at the end of July. Moving can be expensive, and while we'll certainly be able to manage it, having a little bit of a safety cushion is a good idea. To help with that I'm taking some commissions! They range in price from 5$ on up depending on what you want. Five bucks will get you a lightly colored sketch which personally I'm rather fond of. The soft coloring gives a gentle water color look, so if that's something you're into then you'll like them. For things that are more detailed, have stronger inking or smoother coloring I'm charging a bit more but just about e
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So, for those of you who didn't already know here's what's been going on. 1. The old tablet continued to not work with windows 7, despite multiple tries and tricks to try to get it to work. 2. I have a family member in the hospital with severe dementia. 3. Tyler was here over Christmas and New Years- he got me a new tablet for Christmas (I freaking love him so much). 4. Very sudden death of family member on New Year's Eve (not the family member in hospital) led to lots of stress and anxiety. 5. Family recovering from funeral and sudden loss has meant lots of family together time and parties which leaves me to have very little 'computer t
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hey i found you.
Ha!  Found you!  Now, the immature part of me wants to scream "Tag!  You're it!" and move on, but i really came to ask you why you never continued your "Drawing under the influences" comic.  I found it a few weeks ago, and i've been waiting for an update or a notice... and i never got one... so i looked around and saw something mentioning your name and deviantart, so here i am!

Now, please tell me... why didn't you continue the comic?
hey there just wondering if you still are doing commissions?
I enjoy your webcomic DUI and hope you will continue it soon
Hey there, been a very long time since I've spoken with you. Hope you're doing well. Best wishes. :)
Hello ^^. Found your account by your webcomic, I've enjoyed reading all of the pages from it. I hope that it picks up again someday, the art and the story were very interesting.
Seconded! It's been so long since DUI had an update and it's been let with that cliffhanger of what Miller has in mind as an "alternative" to the troll costume Kesh was looking for.